A Poetic Adventure

Walk away

Do you ever march straight out the front door,

Without an inkling or idea of what is in store?


When you hit that point where you’ve just had enough

Do you just let things go, and stop being tough?


Should you go right? Should you go left?

Should you set out and just hope for the best?


Without an end goal foremost in your mind,

Do you wonder, perhaps, what surprises you’d find?

Butterfly on flower

What astonishing things that you might just see,

Because you let go and chose to just be?


Be in the moment, be quiet, be still,

Be open hearted, be free of judgement and will.


Let the marvels of the world in your heart abide,

Push away all the dramas bobbing close outside.


Flee away from the chaos, the noise and the stress,

Resist their attempts to steal your inner peace.


Bottle up this very moment, this firm memory,

And remember the power of choosing to just be.


Of taking a break, and choosing time out,

Even giving yourself the permission to shout!


Till you banish the mayhem, shut out the disaster,

And choose the antithesis, why not? Laughter.


Nothing need be as bad as it seems.

Perhaps you’ll wake up. Pinch yourself, t’was a dream.

Look up

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25 thoughts on “A Poetic Adventure

  1. I love this Veronica! You are very talented…those are words I need to read again and again. I also love the photographs you put with the poem. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

    • What a lovely comment, Min. Thank you. I used to write prolifically for almost 2 years around 21 then just stopped. Yesterday, the winds of inspiration briefly blew through so I just had to take advantage of them. I’m glad the message resonated with you. I need to remind myself of the same too.

    • Thanks, Lee. I need to read it again and again myself, I suspect, especially since I think there’s been a theme in my last few posts. I did enjoy just being. I’ve been so busy at work my head is just in a spin and on 100km an hour. I just had to run out the door at lunch time but boy did it feel like being at a loose end! But boy do I ever need to do this…..often!

  2. Nice one Veronica – I wonder whether poetry puts you perfectly in that moment – lost in the sensation of rhyme like a children’s fairytale and the next thing you know you are living happily ever after. Thanks for the smile.

    • Glad to have spread a little enjoyment your way, Kathy. Maybe poetry does help us get lost in the moment too. I used to write a lot decades ago (not saying I’m brilliant at it) but once the mojo was gone, it was gone. This week, I grabbed it when it flittered in for a visit. Happy to exercise that muscle again.

    • I stopped writing poetry years ago because the inspiration just dried up. I seemed to be in a zone for just 18 months or thereabouts at university. Maybe it was just a season. In any case, creating is always good for the soul and spirit however it is expressed. Hope you enjoy what you dig up in your journal, Annaleis.

    • Thank you, Emily. It is an effort for me to get out and about. Strangely, I’m more an indoor person yet when I get over the inertia, I actually find myself inspired and often invigorated by the air, sounds of nature, open spaces and sunshine. Being a (now recovering) workaholic has probably warped me a little. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Such kind words, Maria. I used to write my version of poetry a long time ago but it was like a blip of a season in my life which vanished suddenly. I guess, I was inspired in this post. Not sure when it might hit again though.

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  4. I do it all the time. Sometimes I do it with the kids, too. We catch the train, get out at some random station and explore what is around. I don;t think I could master a poem about it though.

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