The Optimistic-Pessimist

I was contemplating the name of my blog. Why “Gems”? Gems are treasure. Gems are valued. Gems are precious. Gems are beautiful. But in my tagline “Treasured tidbits of life…..”, life isn’t always so wonderful. And then it hit me.

I’m no Pollyanna but I do have an overlaying sense that things will be alright. This optimism helps counteract my underlying sense of pessimism or lack of confidence that so often prepares me to accept, or even expect, failure or falling short. It’s the cushion for my emotional fall.

“As long as you did your best”, “under the circumstances”, “within your limits” are reassuring truths, as long as they are not excuses for a mediocre life.

So whilst I do struggle with negativity at times, I try to do so with a positive outlook, despite how contradictory that sounds.

Do you lead a Pollyanna life? Or do you see doom and gloom at every turn? Are you an optimistic-pessimist or a pessimistic-optimist? How’s it working for you?


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

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