Permission to be Sick



When I’m sick, I tend to keep pushing on. My head tells me this is counterproductive but this other unreasonable and stubborn part of me only hears, “LA-LA-LA-LA”.

I was forced to see the doctor yesterday, not because my head finally won that battle, but due to a work situation. He listened as I described my body aching, sleepiness and ticklish throat. As soon as he said I had a low grade fever, that unreasonable part of me let go. Suddenly, I was “allowed” to be sick. In fact, he “ordered” me to be sick, to rest, to stay in bed.

It’s a funny thing being given permission to be sick. It’s also still a battle. Sleep beckons. Sleep is a necessity. However, the mountain at work and plans for this weekend’s birthday party are banging loudly on the door of reason.

I wonder if noise cancelling headphones might drown out the din?

Do you need permission to be sick?


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15 thoughts on “Permission to be Sick

  1. Isn’t it funny how we sometimes need to hear it from a doctor to feel validated? Ridiculous when you think about it! But it happens to me all the time. I even revel in telling my husband “Doctor’s orders. I have to go to bed and rest” – like I’ve suddenly got a bona fide illness with deserved rest time! Of course none of this matters when you still have children to care for. I hope you feel better soon Veronica! And hopefully you can get some help with the party! xx

  2. After spending most of my 30s battling chronic illness, I do give myself permission to be sick. I know if I don’t take care of a bug or infection very quickly, it can take over my life and instead of having a cold, I’ll get bronchitis instead. I would much rather be called a hypochondriac by my doctor than told off for not getting it sorted before it got to this stage.

    I also learnt a very important lesson – you can’t possibly look after other people if you don’t look after yourself first!

    I hope you feel better soon – and you have my permission to get some rest xxx

  3. This is such a timely post as I stand on my train platform waiting to was in to work knowing I shouldn’t be. I have already had 2 sick days this week, and feel obliged to go to work today before seeing the doctor.

    Madness. But I feel I need to show my face before I am given a diagnosis.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  4. That sucks, I hope you get better soon.

    This was me last week, but with so much going on, sometimes there just isn’t time to be sick and it doesn’t help the healing unfortunately. Thankfully Dave had a couple of days off which allowed met slow down a bit but its hard.

  5. Why won’t our responsibilities and committments just bugger off when we are sick? I find eanforced early nights (like hitting the sack straight after you get the kids down) is really helpful, especially if you’ve got heaps on in a number of different areas of your life.

    Get well soon and I hope you perk up in time to enjoy the party πŸ™‚ Rach xx

  6. I know this feeling oh so well. After 10 years of being ill, the cause was finally found and it was one of those amazing moment. Ahhh, see, I was sick. I was allowed to be sick.
    It’s weird that we need something verified when we know darn well that we feel like crap and need a break.
    The human psyche will never make sense to me πŸ™‚
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  7. You poor thing 😦 I’ve been sick for weeks & I have, for once, given myself permission to be sick. The house is a shamozzle, we’ve been living off pasta & toasted sandwiches but I’m too sick to care!! Make sure you give yourself a break before you break yourself x

  8. I have become pretty good at giving myself permission to be sick…BUT…it’s usually only if I have a temperature that I really accept that I am sick. Strange that I need to have a temperature before I will accept I am sick and give myself permission to be sick. However, if I don’t rest I get worse and I certainly don’t get any better, so I know now what I must do when I am sick. Hope you are better soon! xo

  9. Rest, V! Rest!!!
    Think of it this way, if you don’t give yourself time to recover, you’re risking it from getting worse. Don’t do that your body!
    Sorry if I sound all pushy and bossy but I care about you!
    You know that, right?

  10. As a parent I think we feel we cannot be sick because we need to care for others. There’s always so much to do. I’m always pushing myself, too, but your body eventually pushes back and you lose that battle. I hope you feel better soon!

  11. I’ve had a cold this week, that dragged on because I didn’t give myself permission to be sick. Maybe if I had, I could have got on top of it sooner?
    It’s so hard. I find I hate being out of the loop, and not knowing what is going on in the house? But then I find if i’m sick enough, I actually don’t care.

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