Me the Photographer

I’m, in no way, an expert photographer. What I am is a person who loves beautiful images. They inspire me, move me, lift my spirit. I find them enlightening, because every image I am attracted to, tells me a little more about myself, even the hidden parts bubbling under the surface. I find them educational, because sometimes they tell a story.

Sometimes I will use the DSLR, but often, I will just whip out the iPhone and snap till I get what I want to capture. Sometimes I am without a camera and have to capture the image in the memory of my mind, as my hubby says.

I am only just finally learning how to use my DSLR properly but still have a long way to go. Thanks to various iPhone apps and Instagram, I’m also learning.

I hope you will enjoy sharing in some of my photographic creations from random and candid moments to my efforts in photography challenges.


4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Oh well there you go. The words you wrote here could have been written by me. They perfectly describe how I feel about photography too. In fact you helped me understand a little better why I love it so much. I’m not a professional photographer either but I want to learn more and who knows maybe I will become one.

    • Thank you, Min. I hope to take my photography journey further too. I can see your 365 Grateful project helping with that. I remember the story by Hailey as well and have followed her on Instagram, as well as a few others connected to her work. Very inspiring stuff!

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