Exercise begets exercise

Starting a walk for exercise’ sake is always a literal drag of my lazy body. If I’ve no set destination other than returning home, then why leave? But rationality takes over and I know it’ll be good for me.

So with no set destination in mind, where do I go when I leave the building? But that’s just it; with no set destination I could go anywhere. And that’s what I find once I put left foot in front of the right. I can detour wherever my heart takes me. And once I get started, I’m happy to keep going and it’s no longer a drag and I find I am exercising, and enjoying the journey. Which brings me to a lesson about life……

Sometimes that’s what it’s about; savoring the journey, not just rushing looking ahead and rushing from destination to destination, but remembering to relish the present.

What lessons have you been reminded of today?


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