In the beginning……….

Create Life

I’ve journalled over many years of my life.

I was a prolific writer between my teens and early twenties. Then life took over and I stopped.

I riled myself up to start again at key milestones like my birthday and the new year, that is, once every 6 months, before my new-found enthusiasm would peter out again.

Then a life-changing experience 5 years ago put me back on track and this time, my commitment stuck. Maybe the impending prospect of turning 40 was further incentive to make sure I spent time reflecting on my life and making sure I didn’t just let it fly by unappreciated, unexamined, and unrecorded. Where do I want to be and who do I want to be 10 years from now?

As I start this writing journey, how might this blog might help with this ongoing process of creating my future?


3 thoughts on “In the beginning……….

  1. Glad you found me! I was going to say i am sure i know you from somewhere.. instagram!
    Seems like we have a lot in common.. am going to have a look around.. very nice to meet you! x

    • Thanks for dropping by! Not sure how invested I can be in the long run but after starting off last November, this blog is still something I want to try out. 🙂

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