Sleep when baby sleeps

Sleeping baby

The thing about sleeping when baby sleeps is that it is dependent on one key premise; that your baby sleeps.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great piece of advice for new mums who often use baby sleep time as chore catch up time, as long as they’ve not already involuntarily keeled over from exhaustion. I speak from experience.

However, if your baby won’t sleep much or not for long or only using your best sleeping aid which requires you to be conscious and alert – insert here your arms/sling/pram/car – then it leaves you with a choice.

Keep trying to get the munchkin to sleep for your sake, oh, and hers, or give up the expectation of capturing lost sleep, at least on any regular basis and get on with the rest of your days, remembering, this too shall pass.

The trick is to stay awake yourself without any remedies, like caffeine, which would counteract efforts to get your breastfed bub to sleep; unless you’re happily formula feeding the munchkin, then indulge all you like!

What have you done to survive sleep deprivation?


8 thoughts on “Sleep when baby sleeps

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  2. I used to go to bed when the baby went to bed. At 7.30pm if necessary. Sometimes I’d sleep during the day, though not often. But mostly I just got on with it. That’s what most mums do I think – unless they’re asleep in their cereal.

    Visiting via the Rewind.

    • Thanks, Allison. It’s hard to change our ways to fit in with bub. I’ve always been a late night person. I have been trying to sleep earlier, but lately she’s been fussy so keeps waking till midnight anyway. It seems like it will never end but I know it will, since my toddler now sleeps through and fairly well (naps aside). Going through a rough patch right now so will keep gritting my teeth. It will pass.

  3. After the first child I don’t think you can ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ (if you are lucky enough to have a ‘sleeper’ with baby 1). I still deal with sleep deprivation every single day. I reckon you just have to keep on when you can, and rest when you can’t. Lower your expectations about housework and social engagement. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x

    • I have found having a second makes the getting of naps much tougher. I do plod on but I know I’m more cranky when sleep deprived. Just got to readjust expectations and plans, as you said. I find it goes in waves. Some periods things roll along well, and then others, like now, seem to drag on. Thanks for sharing.

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