Space to think

Space to think

Walking with no set destination is one of the few things of late that’s given me space to think. When I’m at home there are endless things to do. And then there is information overload every time I jump online. I use what I read for inspiration and human connection but that can also crowd out my own thoughts and ideas.

Whilst it’s exciting to have access to all these networks, sometimes I long for the mentally uncluttered times of childhood and even my early 20s (yes, I’m a bit ‘old’). That’s probably why part of me so appreciates Anne of Green Gables and Austen; it’s a chance to escape to (apparent) simpler times.

It’s going to take effort but I want to impart the love of those times to my two girls. And I guess that’s going to mean making an effort to disengage with inputs and start working on outputs; values and lessons to teach my girls and modeling the example they need to see. How? The answer will be born from the next space I give myself to think.

Where, when and how do you find space to think?


2 thoughts on “Space to think

  1. Ah, you wrote this on my son’s birthday. I definitely relate to overload and your need for space. I find a real connection with myself in the bush. Hiking, camping or whatever, if there are lots of trees, birds and no technology, I am a happy lady. Thanks for Rewinding x

  2. Thanks for dropping by and hosting an interesting meme. Living inner city means I seldom get the chance to connect with the great outdoors, like I did in that photo. I want to be sure I get out more soon. Our little girls are still quite small so it might not be so easy yet but doesn’t negate how necessary it will be for them to be exposed to nature as much as they get used to being in the city.

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