Women’s Wit

Hubby gifted me a cheap 2012 mini-calendar from the post-Christmas sales last January; two in fact. The first was called Chocolate. The second was Women’s Wit.

I actually reacted a little oddly to the latter. I can’t recall why. But as I’ve followed the quotes through the year, I’ve come to really enjoy the collective wisdom of women. It is quite remedial to take time outside one’s own thoughts for fresh ideas, perspectives and reminders. I suppose that’s also why I also appreciate blogs and the blogging community.

Here are a few quotes that struck a chord with me. I hope you find a gem or two in these too.

Women's Wit

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8 thoughts on “Women’s Wit

  1. Great picks, V! I particularly like the Anna Quindlen one. But I’m off to jot all of these down in my journal. Thanks for sharing. As for the chocolate calendar…what pearls of wisdom did that one offer? Hope to catch up with you soon xxx

  2. I love these, the last one I particular. It’s something I’ve been struggling with all year. Thanks for popping over to my site too. Much appreciated Veronica, merry. Kim

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