I have to write

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You know what they say about writer’s block; if you can’t write, then write. Just get started. Write through it.

I last wrote over two weeks ago about the neglected blog post. This post should probably be titled, “The neglected blog”!

By the way, much appreciation to everyone who commented. I see I’m not the only unfinished-languishing-draft-blog-post-hoarder! But I digress…..

Tap, tap, tap, tap……

I could attempt to write about fluff. Belly button fluff? Marshmallow fluff? Or Seinfeld fluff; you know, the show about nothing?

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Not that I’m criticising the writing style. I just don’t know quite how to be “fluffy”. Maybe that’s why I never quite got the deal with Seinfeld…..

Seinfeld Puffy Shirt

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So, I’m writing.

Worthy of the effort?


It’s a bit hard to concentrate at the moment. Miss S has vetoed sleep. She decided it was more important to stay up and do things like look at photos, eat snacks, take a toilet break for #2s and also practice brushing her teeth. She’s 18 months.

I, on the other hand, am struggling to hold sleep at bay. It’s past 11.30pm after all…..

Sleep thief

At least it was fun sourcing photos for the post. Gotta have photos.

Hopefully life gives me a bit more breathing space soon. I need a mental break from work. I need to find some time to reflect and create. Furthermore, running on autopilot, fuelled by adrenalin is not (surprise, surprise) all that rewarding. I’m a confessed chocoholic, but with the guilt outweighing the pleasure, even chocolate’s not doing it for me right now. The shock; the horror!

So, how you doin?

Joey How you doin?

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23 thoughts on “I have to write

    • Thanks, Rhi. I think I’ve strange ideas of what and how to write so I limit myself tremendously. I am very slowly learning I need to loosen up. I also need to learn to make things work somehow despite how busy and tired I feel. Important things are being neglected otherwise!

  1. I’m not a big fan of Seinfield either, but what about those Pink ‘fluffy’ Cadbury marshmellow bars … if you don’t write ‘fluff’, you could at least eat them with the excuse that you’re just rying to be more ‘fluffy’?? (Okay, a weak excuse I know … I’m a chocoholic, too).

    • Are those Pink Marshmallow Bars strawberry flavoured? If so, yum! Though they are a bit sweet. (I really need to cut back). I like your approach, Enid; learning to be more “fluffy”. I do think I could do with mixing it up. I was just thinking that as I was replying to all the comments from this and my last posts! Also, thanks for visiting. I’ve a new blog on my radar to visit….when I get some moments to squeeze blog reading in!

  2. Yeah I didnt get Seinfeld, but I do write fluffy sometimes I guess. Though never without intention. It’s always intended fluff. 😉
    I don’t know what to say right now, to be honest. Except I’m here. Reading when I find the time, and hoping you can find a good balance sometime soon, that is much more fulfilling than chocolate. Xx

    • I would never call your writing, “fluff”, Jess. It’s always entertaining or though provoking or both with lashings of “Jessence” thrown in. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it. So much to balance and think about in life on many levels and I just am not doing it all that well right now. I wonder if I can find a way to get to it now. I know I could “wait till the kids are a tad older” but that’s just biding time and life is more valuable than biding time every day…not sure if I am making any sense!

  3. It’s hard to keep the momentum going at times, especially when there’s heaps of other stuff going on in life, the blog (at least for me) takes a bit of a “hiatus”. I think it’s totally normal!! Here’s to you finding your blog-mojo again soon 🙂

    • Thanks for your moral support, Mandie. I’ve let myself take a hiatus here and there. I do have some things to write but never quite get it together (thus my 46 draft blog posts as per my last published blog post!) I feel the blogosphere keeps zooming by and you either stay on or sit on the sidelines. Neither quite work for me right now. Maybe it’s about learning to take a new approach to it all! Food for thought!

  4. I sometimes think if you don’t have anything to write then just take a break. You’ll get motivated again when something strikes you, just don’t worry about it, it’ll come back i think that’s the key.

    • Thanks for the moral support. I have learnt to take the blog breaks but not getting on with it is like that undone thing nagging in the back of my mind. But I did choose my priorities early this year and blogging was always after the main ones. I am sure it’ll all get there too.

  5. Loved this! So very different from your usual style and let me just say, fluff suits you 🙂
    Sleep deprivation ? Maybe not so much.
    Hope your little one understands the difference between nighttime and daytime activities soon xxx

    • Thanks, Grace. Maybe I can do fluff?! It was an interesting challenge that came to me when I was musing over whether I’d have something to add to FYBF. I am sure I’ll look back at this sleep deprivation phase and it will feel like a blip in the ocean one day. I just don’t like living in a way that feels like I’m biding my time till then. It’s like a waste of each day when I feel I can’t be more deliberate and purposeful all because I’m too tired. I’ll keep working at it.

  6. I’m a fluff fan. May be why I loved Seinfeld so much. Thought it was hilarious!
    Am a very sporadic blogger myself. But it’s your blog – write about whatever you want. Sometimes it might be fluff, sometimes not.

    • Emma, my husband was a huge Seinfeld fan so I tried. I could get the point, or the fact there wasn’t one, most times but it was never my favourite show.

      I know what you mean about blogging to suit me. Sometimes I struggle with the tension between blogging just for me and blogging for my readers. It’s always a work in progress.

    • Yes, Ai, I wrote it late though the idea came earlier in the evening. I suppose if I hadn’t been forced to stay up that I might never have finished it! I did eventually get to sleep at 12.15am. Thankfully she doesn’t do that often!

  7. So you are working and trying to wrangle a toddler? It’s hardly surprising that your blogging mojo feels a little flat.
    I find that writing about hunks is a good fall back when there’s nothing to write about.
    Love Mumabulous

    • Thanks for the moral support! I think I always assume I can do more and just think I’m totally inefficient when I can’t. I really need to change my perspective! And I do like your idea about hunks actually. The debates we could all have over who’s more worthy and delectable!

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  10. With writing you just have to start SOMEWHERE… even if it’s about fluff!… or nothing!…. it’s in the doing. I am saying this to myself as much as encouragement to you. I hope you have found more breathing space to be creative, Veronica. Reclaim your creative spirit! It will happen. 🙂

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