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Hi. Welcome to Mixed Gems. You haven’t met me yet…..oh, I guess you have now.

I’ve been lurking here in a rather drafty room. I’ve only been here a few of days but I’m not lonely; well, at least I’m not alone. There are 42 others in this waiting room with me. A few have even been here for months, so I’ve heard.

Every so often, the door opens, and we get a look in. Some of us are more organised and ready than others but when that crack of light appears, we all sit pretty, vying for attention, hoping to finally get the chance to see the light of day.

I’ve been told by the old ones that some days are very frustrating. A newbie comes to join us, and within an hour they’re gone, promoted in a flash to enjoy the public eye and all the related accolades.

Other days, our hopes are raised as we are primed, primped and prettied up, only to have those hopes dashed when we’re stood up at the last moment.

I’m now in a quandary. I’m not sure that I want to stay here for the getting of wisdom and patience. Isn’t being famous more important?

Well, I don’t have a key to the door so it’s not up to me, is it? Let’s hope I get to meet you properly in all my finery real soon. PJs and bed hair don’t make a good first impression. Ciao for now!

Do you have the tendency to hoard draft posts? How many are sitting in your drafts folder right now? Why have they not seen the light of day? Do you declutter and delete them or save them for a rainy day?

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36 thoughts on “The neglected blog post

    • After a while, Prue, I think a de-clutter with everything is in order, even blog post drafts. I just find it hard to let go of some of those thoughts I had about whatever topic all that time ago. I guess decluttering my drafts is another task to go on my entire decluttering list! Thanks for dropping by.

  1. I have a few here and there – some are now redundant, some need that punchy ending. Some are just plain awful πŸ™‚ I’m sure yours will all get the praise and adoration they deserve. I’m here and waiting for them, anyway πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Each new post, sporadic as they are, has not lessened by draft folder…yet. In fact, some are finished, like the one when Miss S started walking 6 months ago, but I never hit publish. I think I was waiting for a rainy day…whenever that was supposed to be!

  2. i have 21 drafts – some are lined up for near future, many are half thought s that i jotted down waiting to finish and a few i hesitate to share just yet (too revealing or not sure how will be received). i am here and ready to read whatever you want to share hon – deb xxx

    • Thanks for your support, Deb. I have a few completed posts I never published because I was saving them for a “rainy day” whatever that meant! Procrastination maybe? I’m not sure how relevant the post about my little one walking might be given that was 6 months ago!

  3. hmmm i think i only have one or two… but only because i go to ‘all posts’ alot to comment reply and it drives me insane seeing ‘draft’ and then all the blank spaces… booo hiiissssss πŸ˜‰


    • I think you’ve got the right idea, Lyndal. I’ve far too many unfinished things about the place. It may not nag some people but I don’t like having things hanging, yet I do just that! Ha Ha!

    • Yvette, it’s a little comfort to know I’m not the only one with languishing drafts but I still need to do something about it. I think I need to take a more chilled approach and just go with the flow. Many posts are publish-worthy if I’d just finish them. Others are ready to publish. I just have to do the deed! Thanks for dropping by.

    • It takes a lot of time to mould some posts, doesn’t it, Deb. It’s not always easy to find that time. Maybe I need to just hit publish more often and also stop being so pedantic about it all. Maybe that might be a challenge I need to take!

    • Kate, I remember that post about your drafts. I even commented at the time. I think I only had 30ish draft posts at the time. Now there are about 15 more to add to that total. I read a post where someone actually asked people to vote on the drafts they would like to read. I wonder if I should try that?!

  4. This gave me such a giggle! I only have 3 in my official drafts but have about 20 half-drafts on the notes section on my phone where all my ideas get jotted. Often I’ll write a post then later find I had something very similar sitting in my drafts all along!!

    • I used to keep post ideas in my email drafts too, Nee, but decided to consolidate them all in WP. I actually like using my phone to dictate posts when I find it hard to type them out. Some of those are the ones I need to go back and edit due to auto-correct but seldom do. I think I’ll have to celebrate when I finally get those posts finished or trashed!

  5. Oh Veronica a fab post!! i have so many posts sitting in my drafts – 77 to be exact!!! Thats terrible isn’t it! And im guessing 70 of these will never ever see the light of day, but I cant seem to delete them! What does that say about me?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Thanks for the compliment, Jane. I have been psychoanalysing myself in relation to my 46 draft posts too! It’s a strange but interesting exercise. I have this discomfort about having an empty draft folder. Maybe it’s a fear of not having back up options if I can’t write a new post, yet the reality is I have so many drafts because I do keep coming up with new posts! Silly, indeed! Would anyone say they fear having an empty email inbox?! I doubt it! πŸ˜€

  6. I don’t have any. If I don’t like it enough to post/schedule right away, I delete it or re-write it.
    I hate things being unfinished; it just bugs me. πŸ™‚

  7. Love this post!!
    Yep I have lots too as I just don’t get the uninterrupted time to do them justice, or I thought they were a good idea at the time and the moment(and passion) passes and it’s not where I am at anymore so doesn’t feel right to post.
    I was supposed to be spending some time this month sorting them out, but instead I seem to be de-cluttering my house and de-moulding my windows…
    Maybe next week! xx

    • Thanks, Lee. It’s kind of comforting knowing I’m not the only unfinished-draft-blog-post hoarder but I suspect it bugs everyone who falls in that category. I reckon that as you a re doing so well decluttering everything else, you will get to those posts soon too!

  8. Great idea for a post – I’ve got loads of half started ideas that I keep telling myself I should finish off. Problem is when it comes to writing something once a week I end up writing about something that happened two days ago.

  9. I keep a list of all the posts I’m suppose to write (i.e. was contacted to write about something) and those I want to write. In this way the list keeps me organized. I tend to neglect the posts that I want to write. Some ideas have been on that list for many months. I guess because I mainly can only write for a few hours after my DD goes to sleep, I tackle it like a mission – get this done in my short period of time that i have. But yes, sometimes it feels like a chore, which is no fun at all, and that’s when I have to step back for a bit.

    • I can imagine the juggle between your different post categories would be a challenge, Maria. I’d love to read more of your thoughts and experiences alongside the other posts. Look forward to when you get the chance to get more of those out.

  10. I had well over 100 drafts, that’s why I started another post-every-day month, hoping to clear them out a bit. I’m down to 92 now πŸ˜‰ Still, I often finding myself writing a new post instead of using a half-finished one. I guess some of the drafts are not meant to see the light of the day.

    • Lovely to chat today, Tat. I could try a one post a day to clear my drafts too but not sure I could manage the time. I think I do keep many for “just in case” and then worry about having no new posts to write at all. Quite silly really, since most of my drafts are languishing because I do write *new* posts. I should get over myself, I think, and just clear them; face the fear!

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