Wordless Wednesday – August Snapshots

This August I joined two photo challenges. Yes, “two” of them. Below are the snapshots from both challenges.

2012 August Photo-a-day Challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim

FMS Photoaday August 2012

{image credit}

2012 August Photoaday with Fat Mum Slim

30 Day Photo Challenge hosted by White Peach Photo

White Peach Photo 30 Day August 2011

{image credit}

30 Day August Photo Challenge with White Peach Photo

You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my photos. Enjoy!

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Joining in a mostly “Wordless Wednesday” with My Little Drummer Boys.


26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – August Snapshots

    • Thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear you enjoyed the challenge too. Not everyone does. I guess it suits some more than others. That day 29 – Down – theme….I’d been mucking around with ideas, as I do, before that one accidentally fell into place. Happy, serendipitous accidents, I call them. 🙂

    • Oh, dear, Jacana, I am sure you are not like the twisted picture. These challenges suit some people and not others. I just wrote a follow-up post yesterday about why they work for me. I realise everyone is very different though. Thanks for dropping and viewing my efforts.

  1. I’ve noticed you taking up another photo challenge. I am in awe 🙂
    I think my fave of your from last month is of you lying in that grass. A bit of respite for a weary soul xxx

    • That 2nd photo challenge is not one I’ll do every month. It’s actually a little more challenging because the themes are slightly more obscure. It was interesting to do though and I feel that set of shots was more my favourite in August. I liked lying in the grass for like the first time in years too. Without a doubt, I need to do it more!

  2. I can’t even manage to finish one photo a day challenge, let alone two. And these are all such awesome shots, you are amazeballs! I can’t work out which pic I like best between the Stripe and the Tap. Well done!

    • You are doing ok with the September challenge so far, Lisa. Do it if it makes you happy or it fun. I wrote a post yesterday about how these challenges have changed me but I realise they doing suit everyone. As for my fave between the stripe and tap; it is the stripe. I like the colours but also how it came about. I did not intend for it to look that way but another serendipitous moment presented itself and I just ended up with that composition. Serendipitous photo moments are my favourite ones!

    • You take great photos as it is, Jocelyn, without the need for the challenges. They’ve had a huge impact on me, as I wrote in yesterday’s post but I know they suit some people more than others too.

  3. Well done!!
    My phone broke mid-August (only for a couple of days) and I lost interest. Had done 6 months straight before that. Enjoying the no pressure approach now

    • Oh, I remember the broken phone incident, Ally. I must say, there are days it feels like a pressure, a chore, but I do want to stretch myself and I know when I get caught up in my daily routine, I would otherwise seldom find time to stop and look around me properly. The challenge helps me do that. Whether you’re on a challenge or not, I love seeing your images. They are always so gorgeous. 🙂

    • Not everyone gets into the challenges, Tahlia, but good to hear you are taking to them. I ended up writing a post for yesterday about how they have changed me. They’ve been inspiring for me too. Thanks for the support for my pics too!

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