Chasing Light

One of the first impressions my husband left on me was how he was a glass half-full kind of person. That impression clubbed me over the head because I’m a glass half-empty kind of person. And yet I am grateful I’ve never had to experience the despair of my glass being empty. Somehow, somewhere, deep inside, I’ve always felt a glimmer of hope, a sliver of possibility. Despite this, I sometimes struggle to see beyond that fragment of light. I don’t always find the wherewithal to throw open the shutters and let the sunny brilliance burn away my doubts, fears or negativities.

This has been my space a bit lately. And every time I see #chasinglight images from Korean Instagrammer, Lena Rin, I feel them reach in and touch that raw place.

As long as I keep chasing the light, I believe I will get “there”. I just need to figure out where “there” is.

What gives you hope when things feel a little dark or you are feeling flat?

#chasinglight by lena_rin

{#chasinglight @lena_rin}

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16 thoughts on “Chasing Light

  1. Wow…..breath-taking photos! You avid instagrammers amaze me.

    What gives me hope when things are a little dark or I’m feeling flat? Hope itself. The knowledge that it is always there. It never deserts me. Hope sits patiently while I allow myself to feel the darker stuff, let it wash over and then release it.

    • I’d never thought of sitting patiently and just waiting, biding time. There’s always a sense of needing to do something to fix it. Thanks for this little gem, Kirri.

  2. Wow her photos are amazing. Gonna find her on IG later.

    I’ve had a very low time a few yrs back and I don’t know if it can get any lower than that but if I could get out of that rut, I know for sure that life can only get better. And that keeps me going. That keeps me strong because I won’t allow myself to spiral down like that anymore.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Lena Rin’s photos are absolutely stunning. She’s intrigued instagrammers for a while. I don’t think it matters where your rays of hope stem from. The fact that they are there, I’d say, is a gift both to you and to those you are able to touch. Thanks for leaving their warmth with me, Rhi.

  3. These are gorgeous photos! I know you will find what you’re looking for…it will come eventually. Be patient. You will know.

    • Yes, I do find the outdoors does lift my spirit. I think these images might do it for me since my daily life revolves around the city and I don’t get into nature much. Thanks for the reminder, Kirsty.

  4. Brilliant photos!
    I keep reminding myself that this is all finite. That the stuff that gets me overwhelmed or tired, one day I’ll look back with nostalgia.
    For instance (and this is a cheesy example so please bear with me), each time I hear the theme song to “In the night garden” I just know that years from now when I hear it again, I’ll think of this particular time in our lives – the exhaustion, the chaos, the tantrums but most of all, the experiences of being a new young family.
    Keep chasing that light, V. It’s yours for the taking x

    • Grace, I get what you mean about the challenging times being part of the nostalgia. Right now, my 18 month old Miss S is quite a handful. She’s so amazing, full of hugs, love, kisses, new words, amazement at discoveries, etc. But with that side is a frustrated, whiny, needy side too as she navigates this fascinating world of hers. Of course I could do without that side sometimes but it’s a package deal. I can’t get one without the other. Had to remind myself of that.

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