Wordless Wednesday – July Snapshot

Snapshot of my 2012 July Photo-a-day Challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my photos.

2012 July Photoaday

FMS Photoaday July 2012

{image credit}

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys.


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – July Snapshot

  1. I love the photoaday challenges and always start off so strong…then fail by the end of the month. As I’ve said every single time: “THIS will be the month I finish it” 😉

    • What is the saying; You never fail until you stop trying? I start of each morning checking the theme for the day then keep an eye out all day for something I feel suits. I guess that has become a habit so I don’t often forget to do one. Sometimes though, I’m a bit hard on myself trying to find the “perfect” shot for that theme. Still, I find it often makes me look at my daily life more purposefully and in a new light. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. wow, you got some great p[hotos in this month! I wasn’t overly happy with my own collection this month. Love your building photo (day 14).

    • Thanks, Cathy. I try to make every photo something I’m proud I created so it takes me a lot of time to get something I like. I can no longer let myself just take anything common or rough and put it up. Talk about high expectations and self-imposed pressure! That building one I went in search of and I almost ran out of phone battery taking so many shots of so many buildings from so many angles! I was pretty happy with that one in the end.

    • Thanks, Rachel. I have my moments where I’ve contemplated not doing a month. I initially felt that way for August then signed up for two challenges instead! Think I am a sucker for punishment. I have been going almost every month since June 2011 so I might give myself a break soon….if my anal-retentive nature can handle a gap in my record! ;-D

    • Thanks, Ash. The collages are cool to see. Apparently they are meant to be the recommended format for lots of photos in a single post, so I recently learnt from a photo-blogger!

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