Wordless Wednesday – June Snapshot

With the end of June, comes a milestone of completing a year’s worth of photo challenges. They have changed my photography and pushed my creativity to a level I never expected. I can truly say photography, or at least iPhoneography, has become a beloved hobby of mine fed further by my Instagram addiction. Below are my photos for the 2012 June Photo-a-day Challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.

2012 June Photoaday
FMS Photoaday June 2012

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys.


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – June Snapshot

  1. We need to ask Ai @Sakuraharuka if that little doll is indeed Chibimaruko-chan.
    Love the raindrops photo.
    My favourite is the last one. But I’m biased like that…heh 😉

  2. That looks fantastic Veronica! I’ve yet to keep up with ‘photo a day’… but I’ll keep on trying. It was so lovely to meet you at Blogopolis, hopefully we’ll catch up again one day. x

    • Thanks, Lisa. It’s already August and I’m going for two challenges this month. Crazy? You better believe it!

      It was lovely meeting you in person too. I sure hope we do cross paths and have the chance to chat more next time.

  3. Such a lovely selection of Instagrams! Gosh wish I had a patience and discipline to follow the challenge 🙂 Its so fun to see everyone’s photos every day! Some people are incredibly creative – like you 🙂

    • Such a lovely thing to say, Maria. I stick with the photo challenges because they inspire/challenge me to look differently at things. I do have my off days. They have helped me stretch my photography, as has being on Instagram. I love your images too. They are almost always gorgeous. And your fashion sense! I just wish I could feel less clumsy and clueless in that area!

  4. I have been so busy with work and DIYing and reading raunchy novels lately that I have spent hardly anytime on Instagram so I LOVE that is still get to see your gorgeous photos. they always make me smile. xx

    • Thanks, Sonia. You have been missing on IG but if you’re doing what you love in what ever form, then that’s what counts. As to those raunchy novels, I’m steering clear. Must be the tiny rebel in me who doesn’t want to go with the flow; I didn’t do Harry Potter, Twilight, or the Hunger Games series either! (And there’s that little excuse of no time!) 😉

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