You have a voice, “Use your words”

Use Your Words

Ever had to ask your children to, “use your words”? I have, especially when the whining takes over.

I’ve been thinking a bit about how I “use my words” lately, how I exercise my voice.

I wasn’t at the Digital Parents Conference, but I’ve read some posts* about the “Social Media for Social Good” panel and followed Edenland’s trip to Africa. These two events seem to have prompted many bloggers to ponder why, how and what they write. For some, it consolidated what they are already doing. For most, it has meant considering the difference they might be able to make in the world.

Bloggers, no doubt, have a pedestal on which to stand and speak whether we have 5 followers or 5,000. We can, and do, write of numerous issues from the head, heart and any combination in between.

When I think of “voice”, I think of a powerful and influential mouthpiece, a persuasive and inspirational agent, making a difference, usually a huge one. It can be a voice for serious issues, social issues, life-or-death issues. It can be a voice for inspiration and enlightenment, bringing empowerment, motivation and peace. It can be a voice that brings mirth birthing laughter, joy and happiness. It can be educational, story-telling, visual, lyrical or musical.

So where does this leave me?

I don’t see myself as an activist. I am not widely learned. I am not a debater nor articulately quick on my feet. I am not politically savvy. I wouldn’t classify myself as an intellectual. I am not particularly witty or comedic. But I have a heart, and I do care about certain things, in my own, gut-driven way.

I am concerned about racism, prejudice and related cultural issues.

I’m concerned about the sexualisation of our children, especially now I am a parent and especially a parent of two girls.

I am also concerned about the influence of technology on my children, a topic also close to the heart of The Modern Parent.

For now, I feel my voice is a small voice, but I don’t write this to imply it is insignificant. It may not reach the multitudes but if it helps or touches one other person, then I will know I have made a difference. Yours can too.

Have you thought lately about your “voice” and what it can say?

The Starfish Story Necklace by birthdesigns on Etsy

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*Getting Radical from Bright and Precious

*You’re the Voice from Diary of a SAHM

*Hand me the microphone whilst I do my thang………. from Mummy Issues: Part 2


14 thoughts on “You have a voice, “Use your words”

    • Thanks, Rhi. I’ve been there, and I think possibly so have many others, thinking we’re not important or significant or influential enough but I think maybe we can be. It’s about getting over ourselves and putting another first. Not always easy but worthwhile if we can.

  1. Love hearing what you have to say about ‘voice’, Veronica. As usual, I stand in admiration of your insight and self-awareness. You’re absolutely right, being a small voice is by no means insignificant (have been feeling the same thing). I look forward to hearing more of your voice on things that matter to you and the world.

    PS Love that pendant & starfish! x

    • Deb, you’re so self-aware and insightful too. 🙂 Sometimes I feel I have a handle on things, and other times it’s all just a jumble or a foggy haze. But the post wasn’t about me…….

      I hope I can do justice so some of the things I’d like to share in the days to come (when I get over being too tired to really write!). After a dry spell, I think it’s tiredness and weariness that’s thwarting my blogging intentions! I’m pushing through tonight just to get all my backlogged replies out. I’m sure I’ll suffer at work tomorrow! (woops!)

      Oh, and I love the pendant too. Tempted to buy it on Etsy!

  2. I think you’ve been doing well using your voice, Veronica. Your posts make people think – I can recall a few posts when I had to go away and think, ‘Where do I really stand on this?’ before I could come back and comment.That’s what it takes to make a difference – if you can make someone stop and think, then maybe they will consciously make a choice next time instead of just doing what they’ve always done.

    • Thank you, Tat. I know my posts make me think (a lot sometimes!). I guess if they touch others enough to make them think too, then it must be making a difference. I love your last sentence about making conscious choices. I think that is the beauty of growing and learning as human beings. Our lives need not be static but full of enrichment.

      I really appreciate the bloggers you source too and the inspirations you share in your newsletters. I’ve not heard of most of them but I feel the urge to check them all out, they are so inspiring and thought provoking. I guess that’s you using your voice too! xx

    • Thanks, Maria. I’m still working on mine. Even in writing this, I initially felt it needed to be quite focused but I suppose it can be multifaceted. Most of us are not one-dimentional.

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    • I’m so glad you came across the post and found it helpful. I learnt a lot in the early days and I’ve really only been blogging regularly for a year. It came thick and fast so I had to learn to moderate it. Took me 6 months to reach that point! I took a quick look at your blog, and whilst I am no expert, I think a lot of it is to blog what is in your heart. If it is ranting and rambling, then so be it. You can always have little sections for cooking and other interests. Or, if you have a very strong interest in something eg: cooking, you could make that a focus of your blog instead. It really depends on who you are hoping to read your blog too. There is a lot to think about but take it step by step. Good luck with your blogging.

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