Wordless Wednesday – Remnants of Summer

Remnants of Summer

Fragrant remnants of summer : Daddy and Daughter

Follow the path : Layers

Stand in awe : Intriguing beachside red door



Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys.

My Little Drummer Boys


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Remnants of Summer

    • Thanks, Julia. It appears you might be getting your winter wish now with the cold snap at least along the east coast. 🙂 But I do like the long daylight of summer. If only winter had longer daylight too!

  1. As always, your photos are breathtaking. I especially love the layers one. One day, I want to pick your brain on how you come up with all these great ideas for composition.

    • Thanks, Grace. You know sometimes my photos turn out so unexpectedly. That’s what happened with layers. It was only afterwards as I scanned through what I’d taken that I saw the layering. Sometimes my photo ideas are truly serendipitous! Other times, trial and error. A few I picked up from a couple of photography books, articles and websites I’ve skimmed over. And other times, I think ideas come because I’ve been inspired by images I’ve seen elsewhere. That’s why I am following quite a few artistic Instagrammers; to get a daily dose of inspiration. It’s good for my soul! 🙂 You’ve been coming up with some creative shots in your photo-a-day challenge lately too. I think you don’t give your creativity enough credit!

    • I know, Maria. This being on opposite sides of the world makes for interesting viewing! I’ve been looking at lots of beautiful spring blossom photos in my Instagram feed lately from the US, Canada and Europe, and wishing I was there. But I think our long, warm days have about come to an end with the chill really starting overnight and today. Ah well.

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