I feel I’ve been living a little under a rock lately. The blog’s been quiet. My days have been quiet, albeit busy. Aside from being with my family, I’ve been cruising, spending a lot of time with my own thoughts and feelings. I’ve also been fighting a lingering virus for the past month. I’ve been tired too, mostly sleep-deprived.

Since the start of 2012, I wanted to make sure blogging did not take up as much time as it did in 2011. I still want to blog but I wanted to be sure I put my various priorities in the right places. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

I’m trying to stop running about like a headless chicken.

I’m trying to stop being overwhelmed.


“One of the best things you can do
when the world is storming around you
is to pause.”
– Mitch Thrower


I’ve stopped ignoring important tasks on my to-do list.

I’ve started exercising.

I’ve started eating more mindfully.

I’m sleeping more, when the kiddies let me.

Basically, I’m taking more care of myself.

This balance is an illusive thing, just one point on a scale. I truly believe it’s about weighing up priorities and focusing on that which is most important at any given point in time.

I still want to blog. I’ve started numerous blog posts but yet to quite find the time to finish most of them. Posts about fashion, social media, photography, parenting, race and ethnicity, SYL12, randomness and reflections. Some will not probably see the light of day. Too much time has past. But I hope to get to them soon, and to others too.


“When our mind is quiet,
when our mind is in silence,
then the new arrives.”
– Samael Aun Weor

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day
is the rest we take between two deep breaths,
or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes.”
– Etty Hillesum

Excerpts from the book Pausitivity.


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17 thoughts on “Pausitivity

  1. It’s so important to take time for ourselves – and to ensure that we are looking after ourselves. I hope you’re feeling better for it – re-energised! It’s also nice to take a step back and reflect on things and our priorities. I love writing, but I’ve really got to be disciplined so I don’t neglect other areas (ie. family).

    I love the last quote – there’s a lot of truth in it.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Debbie. I really appreciate it. The time out has been productive but I do wish i could say I feel fully re-energised and refreshed. Mostly, I’m still feeling tired possibly from being more busy now work has started and also possibly from the mental exertion. I am still keeping priorities in mind which has made it hard to squeeze in enough blogging activity though I want to. I guess you could say it’s my blog that’s been neglected for the day-to-day. Hopefully I will be on a more even keel in due course. Regardless, times to pause and reflect, assess and reevaluate are still essential.

    • Thanks for your support. I have been trying with the self-care but still feel I need to do better. Things fall apart a bit when I’m very tired and weary which seems like a lot lately. But I’ll keep at it. Taking time, making time to pause is still something I am working on but really am aware I need to do, all the more now I’m back at work.

  2. When there is so much in this world that can overwhelm us, there is nothing better than being able to take a step back and learn how to look after ourselves again.
    Blogging became all consuming for me. And without me realizing, I not only allowed it to let other important aspects of my life slip, I lost a bit of who I truly was. That was largely due to the fact, that I wasn’t looking after myself.
    Writing is still important to me but like you said, it has to fit in with the other important factors of my life. Juggling priorities is just part of the joys and leanings of life. You’re doing a great job, Veronica.

    • I really do need to keep reminding myself to take a step back. Even today at work I felt prompted to do so but didn’t. I should have listened to my gut and stuck to my guns. I’ll keep working at it. I’ve got to make sure my well being comes first and making sure I’m not overwhelmed is high on my list to ensure I keep that awareness a priority.

      I still want to write but am quite tired lately so the vast majority of those undone posts keep slipping further and further back. I guess it’s clearly a “want” on my part to blog more so than a “need”, a “luxury” versus a “necessity”.

      Anyway, I keep on with the juggle….if only I knew how to really juggle!

    • Thank you, Bron. Those are good words and lovely to read them reflected back at me. I need all the reminding I can get. I wish I was getting more sleep though. It would mean i have just that little bit more to crack on to those unfinished blog posts. But for now, they are mostly sitting idle while I try and make sure the most important things are done, especially with work thrown in the mix. I guess blogging is, for the time being, more of a luxury than a necessity though I really want to do it. 🙂

  3. I love the quotes you chose for this post 🙂 Yes with your work starting soon on top of the usual family commitments, you should be enjoying these quiet, restful moments more often!

    This year, I found following a schedule of sorts helps for my blogging and time management. Nowadays I just post on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun. The rest are designated rest days :p Plus weekends I try not to be on FB or Twitter too much. IG is a bit hard to let go off though heh.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Thanks, Ai. I love collecting inspirational and motivational quotes.They can make a difference!

      Your ideas for a schedule are great. I did have one but I’ve felt I should mix it up a bit and not rely on memes so much lately. I guess it’s largely because I don’t feel I have the time to share the blog love back if I meme. I don’t want to link and run. That’s not good manners, so I’ve chosen not to link. I miss the interaction though. I’m on Twitter the least but, like you, it is hard to let IG go.

      Well, it’s early days of juggling work with all the other priorities so hopefully I’ll get the right mix soon.

    • Thanks, Maria. I did change the button and header but not much else. I’d need more time and possibly money for that so not sure I’ve got the resources right now to invest in either. Hopefully it’s still inviting enough! 😉

      I’m trying to keep at the blogging, because I do want to. Just wish I wasn’t so tired of late so I can finish those undone posts! But I am still making sure I stop to reflect on what is most important and family always has to come first. I’ll squeeze in a bit of blogging here and there when I can. Hopefully more one day.’

  4. Firstly, I’ve missed you Veronica! I was wondering where you were, if you were okay. I hope you kick that virus. Secondly, I totally admire you. I admire you for stepping back and taking care of you (and your family). I admire you for not getting caught up in the blogging rat race. I admire you for pausing. It’s a lesson I need to learn. I keep trying to remind myself. I absolutely love the quote “When our mind is quiet,when our mind is in silence,then the new arrives.” This is the truth! (And can be applied to being inspired to write, especially… letting posts that are ‘stuck’ sit in my brain, and in complete silence the sweet stuff comes to me). But of course is much better applied to life as a whole… sitting in silence is so good for our souls. Thank you for reminding me of this with your beautiful, gentle words. x

    • Hey Deb, I missed being around and interacting with you and others of late too. You’re all on my mind though. Just wish I could show it more often but time is not permitting that right now.

      Thanks for your lovely words too. It’s hard to step back from the blogging rat-race but I guess my gut tells me when I am letting that drive for stats (though I seldom check these) or follower or likes take over. It was hard to let go of memes I was linking to because a lot of my traffic came from them but I just felt I was being very rude to “link and run” given I’ve little time to read the number of blogs that might visit me. I guess I’m hoping those people that matter, who feel I matter, will keep coming back. It’s hard to see the “love” dwindle but then is it really love if it’s obligation? Something I’ve asked myself a lot more lately.

      I hope you’ve had some time to “sit in silence” too. I can see how your mind and heart have been ticking over and been inspired it inspires me to read your current journey.

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