Wordless Wednesday – A Slice of March

Slice of March 2012

Day 1 – Up ; Day 3 – My Neighbourhood

Day 5 – Smile ; Day 7 – What I wore today (a tired smile)

Day 8 – Window ; Day 11 – Someone I spoke to today (Yes, myself!)


Showcasing some of the more popular images from my Instagram feed for the 2012 March Photo-a-day Challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim. I created this using Mosaic Maker.

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys.

My Little Drummer Boys


22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – A Slice of March

  1. Ah, that Mondrian painting gets me every time 😉
    I love the one where you’re talking to myself. First sign of insanity they say…but who’s to believe them ??? 😉

    • Thanks, Grace. Sometimes one just has to verbalise words to give them focused power. Otherwise all the different arguments just roll around in there in a jumble!

    • Thanks, Sonia. I find I’m honing how I create and see the world through these photo challenges and it invigorates me. I’m on Instagram several times a day. I think I might be an addict! Ha Ha!

    • Thanks, Tahlia. I love the challenges as they force me to look around my world differently. I usually have several ideas for each theme but end up with the one I’m most happy with. The two you mentioned were neither my first idea or thought but ended up my favourites.

    • Thanks, Nicole. I agree about the interpretations. And when someone puts something in out of left field, that really stands out. I love the challenge to try and do the latter but I don’t always get there. You are a more trained photographer than I. Do you find challenges inspiring or limiting?

  2. Oh I have to do one of these photo a day things! I just love seeing everyone’s pics. That window photo is amazing, and of course the ones of you are lovely!

    • Come join a challenge, Ash. You can even start from now and whet your appetite for April, assuming there will be an April one. Glad you enjoyed my slice of March.

    • Thanks, Robyn. I love the challenge to be creative, inspired by the challenge. It works for me though I can imagine some might find the themes limiting or maintaining the daily discipline hard. Loving the images of Charlie in your Instagram feed. He’s such a cutie. I do miss the baby stage of my girls at times, then I don’t too – especially the sleep struggles!

    • Bit late with this reply, Nicole, but I take your point about practice. I agree with the photo challenges. They help me stretch photo ideas usually too. I wouldn’t know what to find for the 365 either. I suppose some people have a set theme, like a photo of a child a day, or something else but I don’t like posting full on pics of my kids so that removes that option for me. Hopefully I’ll find additional inspiration in due course that isn’t so reliant on the photo challenges, but they serve their purpose for now.

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