Wordless Wednesday – Instagram Inspirations


Sharing some amazing Instagrammers who inspire me daily….. just click on their names to view more of their work.

Andy @ajbaker50

Time to Shine Your journey has just begun... ajbaker50 Shoutout

Cole Rise @colerise

Mount Tamalpais State Park an old instagram, revisited with film! as seen by the hasselblad. 800 days

Jess in Oz @avamehari

In she bravely peers where never would she venture Behind them the sinking Sun filled the cool western sky with glimmering gold Where I Walked



Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys.

My Little Drummer Boys


30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Instagram Inspirations

    • It is amazing what the iPhone can do, isn’t it, Becky? I marvel at some shots too. I am aware some use other tools aside from the iPhone but those that don’t truly surprise me.

  1. Oh wow! they are some truly inspiring and amazing photos! I will most definitely be following them on instagram! thanks for the recommendation x

    • There are so many great Instagrammers out there, Rachel. Some of us amateurs create amazing work too though. Hope you enjoy following these. I’ll pop a few more up in the next few weeks.

    • Jayne, did you know that the Rise filter in Instagram was inspired by Cole Rise? If you look at his work and then look at the Rise filter’s effect on images, you can start to see the influence!

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