Grateful for…Kindness


This week I am grateful for the kindness shown by my big girl towards her little sister.

In the moments when Lil S is distressed, Miss T often takes it upon herself to try and help calm her down. She sings to her. She dances for her. She blows raspberries at her. And if the iPod or iPad is close by, she’ll try to find Lil S’s favourite song which is, “What’s the name of that song?” from Sesame Street. With all my heart, I hope this kindness and tenderness will continue as they grow up together and that they will always defend each other because they are sisters, because they love each other.


This week I am also grateful for the kindness shown to me by blogging friends. Though I was obviously unknown when I began, so many lovely ladies embraced me and welcomed me as part of their community, so much so that I have been awarded not one, but two(!) Liebster Awards. The first was given just before Christmas by Née of Née Say, and the second just last week from Tat of Mum in Search.


“Liebster” means “dearest” in German. The rules for the Liebster Award are: thank the person who gave it to you, pop the button in your post, pass it on to 5 blogs with less than 300 followers with a mention on your blog, notify them of the award (Twitter Facebook, etc) and hope they continue passing on the bloggy love.

So first and foremost, Née and Tat, thank you for your kindness in naming me for this award.

I’d now like to pass this on the the following bloggers who fit the criteria (less than 300 followers and I’ve chosen Facebook as the easiest measure) and who have really had an impact in my life. They have all extended kindness, warmth, supportive words and friendship. They also write beautifully, insightfully and practically.

Grace from Musings of Mama Grace

  • Keep an eye out for her new and revamped blog coming real soon! Meanwhile, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Deb from Bright and Precious

Lee from Mummy Issues Part 2

Debbie from Aspiring Mum

Robyn from Slightly More Depth Than a Teaspoon

What kindness has left its mark on your life lately?


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17 thoughts on “Grateful for…Kindness

  1. Isn’t it amazing to see the kindness between siblings? That blossoming love. It’s taken awhile for my big girl to warm to her little brother, so any moment of affection, kindness or ‘protection’ catches my attention and warms my heart. Like yourself, I hope it continues as they grow.

    Thank you so much for passing on the award, Veronica! I’m honoured. Thank you also for extending warmth and kindness and support to me! x

  2. Sibling love just melts my heart. The little moments they share are truly ones to hold onto. Like you, I hope that my kids continue to show each other kindness as they get older.

    Thank you for the award! Thank YOU for your encouragement and words of kindness. xx

    • I know how I appreciate the fact I have siblings now. Even though we don’t see each other or talk often, I know there is a bond there and something invisibly tangible. I always wanted to try for at least two children so they could grow up with someone else and have that connection.

      Very happy to share that award, Debbie.

  3. Love that sibling kindness and cherish it!

    Thanks as well for introducing me to Deb from Bright and Precious as I had not come across her blog before and loved that post – as another Deb turning 40 (in a few weeks) and slightly nomadic I am keen to explore her blog now!

    • Glad you enjoyed seeing Deb’s blog. I love how she writes and really loved that post about turning 40. Yes, another Deb indeed. Seems like the three names and it’s variations I keep coming across in bloggy land are Deb, Kellie and Kate!

  4. Oh I love it when my children are kind towards each other, especially the twins. Mr12 is often very intuitive and delightful with the twins, and that’s gorgeous to watch. The twins mainly battle with each other, but tend to get on well when swimming and I do love to watch them having fun.

    • Thanks, Seana. I expect the girls to fight with each other in due course, especially when bub starts walking, speaking and doing more her own thing instead of just following but that’s normal. I hope, overall, the tenderness will remain.

  5. I’ve wondered what the ‘Liebster’ award meant, thanks Veronica and well done for being recognised by your blogging fans.

    Teaching kindness to my three seems to be one of the hardest things. I don’t know why that is as I am certain to model it whenever I can. It does not seem to be the ‘innate’ trait that I thought it was! Or maybe that’s just the gene pool over here, LOL! x

    • Thanks, Bron. I’d never heard of the Liebster Awards till I got awarded either.

      I can see that kindness wouldn’t necessarily be innate. I am sure circumstances and personality play a role too. I know a family of 3 boys and 1 girl and the girl is often ostracised by her brothers for no other reason than she’s a girl. Hopefully that will change as they grow up. They are all during the tween-teen ages which is a challenging age.

  6. Thank you for this beautiful award ! So lovely and kind of you to think of me…especially when I was homeless/blogless at the time 🙂
    Your little girls are precious, Veronica. I’m sure that kindness and tenderness between them is there to stay x

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