Simplify your life {SYL: Week 2} – Values

I’ve joined the 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life Challenge in 2012 hosted by Deb at Home Life Simplified. Why? Purely and simply because: 

If you want change in your life,
stop doing what you have always done
or you will keep getting what you’ve always got.


The Task: Week #2 Challenge: Define your Personal Values


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Sometimes, I find it hard to generate answers, ideas or inspiration within myself. With this challenge, I dug deep and came up with a shortlist before I read the prompter list given with the challenge and another to see if any other values I had not already listed resonated with me.

Firstly, I had to be sure I understood what a value was. I pondered. What drives me in how I live? What do I react against? What guides my moral or social compass? I also had to remind myself that they can change with time and that they are neither right or wrong.

It was a little hard trying to separate out values I felt I had, those I felt I should have and those I felt a strong commitment to work towards.

I also started to get a little mixed up with the words/themes I’ve decided to focus on for 2012 and my list of values.

Since one of my focus themes is to be more decisive, I am just going to lock in what feels right…..for the time being.

Value Brainstorming

I started with some and then began grouping together values or themes that I felt were related for me:



Creativity / Inspiration

Learning / Education / Knowledge / Understanding / Discovery / Growth

Integrity / Manners / Respect for others / Graciousness / Kindness / Courtesy / Compassion / Empathy / Fairness






Order / Structure / Tidiness

Professionalism / Responsible

Personal space

Three values I felt I probably should own, but did not appear in my original list are:



Persistence / Perseverance / Resilience

In addition, “authenticity” came up but I feel that if I am living according to these values, then I am being, or attempting to be, authentic.

My Top 5

Growth – The desire to become a better version of myself encompasses the values of learning, education, knowledge, understanding, discovery, creativity and inspiration is ever present.

Family – My family are so ingrained into who I am and how I live. They are an extension of me and give me security and a sense of identity. I want to instil the value of family in my children.

Connection – Whilst I am an introvert by nature, relationships are important to me. I generally take a nurturing approach to people and I am very loyal to those who I deem my closest friends.

Compassion – Whilst this is related to connection because it is offered towards people, for me, it also encompasses, integrity (as opposed to brown-nosing), courtesy, manners, respect for others, graciousness, kindness, empathy and fairness. I very much want to instil compassion and related values empathy in my children.

Resilience – For me, this encompasses hope but also perseverance and persistence. I tend to have a hopeful underbelly though I am no Pollyanna. I tend to hang onto things and keep at them, though not always the best things which is where my need for order and structure can lead me to getting a bit too obsessed with some things. I need to keep directing this value towards positive and uplifting things and circumstances and know when to let go, as well.


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Linking with Deb of Home Life Simplified for the 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life Challenge.


6 thoughts on “Simplify your life {SYL: Week 2} – Values

  1. All wonderful values to have. And we have to remember that even though the challenge is to narrow down the top 5, it’s still good to contemplate and consider, our whole list often, and see if we are being who we want to be. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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