Grateful for…Inspiration

For beautiful images that energise and refresh my soul…..


{artist – Lori Portka}

Another Day Another Fairytale

{image source via}

For uplifting words that speak to my heart and mind…..

Slow down and see

{image credit via}

Live your unique life

{image credit via}

For enchanting music that transports me above the day’s hum…..

{Song source: “The Wings”, from the Brokeback Mountain movie soundtrack, by Gustavo Santaolalla}

For all these artists who create the inspirations that breathe freshness into the busy moments of my day and calm my frazzled mind, I am truly grateful.


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18 thoughts on “Grateful for…Inspiration

    • Thanks, Kirri. Glad you appreciated my expressions of what inspires me. I know what you mean about “The Wings” too. I listened to it quite a bit a while back and it did make me sad thinking of Heath and the lost potential.

    • You are welcome, Bron. I love how these images, words and music help transport me elsewhere, sometimes when I need it most, when I need a new and fresh perspective. I can see you appreciate beautiful images from your blog too.

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