Wordless Wednesday – Light Play

Light Play, Darling Harbour

Shadows, Sunflares, Sparkles


Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys


27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Light Play

    • Thanks for your kind words, Laney. I love the buzz I get trying to create something interesting. Not sure if I could turn this into a career though but who knows?! As to the sunflare, I must say I have a much easier time capturing that on the iPhone than an actual camera. That will be one of my challenges in 2012; learning how to create such effects using the manual features of a DSLR!

    • Thanks, Ai. I was so excited the first time I learnt how to do bokeh. It was especially rewarding learning how to do it with my DSLR!

      I have to figure out why some of your comments need approval, like this one, and others go straight onto the blog. It’s very puzzling to me!

    • Do you have an iPhone, Amy? I actually find it quite easy to create on that over the DSLR. It does take a bit of getting the right angle of light and playing around with the positioning. Usually sunset works best, I find but the sun flare shot wasn’t taken at sunset. I also find having something else in the shot helps to create the flare a bit. These are just ideas off the top of my head. I just play around. 🙂

  1. Love the sun flares. They are so unpredictable though (at least for me), I can never tell what the photo will actually turn out like before pressing the button.

    • Tat, I find sunflares easiest to create using the iPhone. I can usually gauge what the outcome will be but then the great thing is I can re-take it umpteen times till I’m happy with the effect. I’ve not been able to create them so successfully using the DSLR.

    • Thanks, Tahlia. Not sure I have lots of tips since I tend to go with my gut. I’m learning technique with the DSLR at snail’s pace so usually shoot with the iPhone. Photo challenges tend to inspire me to look at things differently. That’s one tip. 🙂

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