Grateful for…..fresh starts


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Once upon a long time ago, I didn’t understand that it was okay to try, fail, yet try again, and again, and again.

I didn’t understand that most people don’t get it right the first time.

I didn’t understand that some of the world’s most successful people failed innumerable times before making it big.

Instead, if I “failed”, I’d beat myself up and live under a cloud of guilt and unworthiness and seldom try again. I’d explain away my “mediocrity” by saying or thinking, “I’m just not skilled or talented in that area,” or, “It just wasn’t to be.”

This year I have already fallen off the bandwagon. I’m already behind in many things I intended to do and it’s only two weeks into 2012.

But today, I no longer live with the paralysing guilt of the past. I remind myself that a “do over” is possible. If I fall off the bandwagon again, all I need to do is pick myself up and jump right back on.

Today, I am grateful for fresh starts.

I hope, in your lives, you realise this is possible too.

Do you struggle to persist? Or do you stubbornly “keep on trucking”?

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19 thoughts on “Grateful for…..fresh starts

    • Once upon a time, I didn’t realise that, Deb, but I’m glad I do now. The hardest part is not letting the negative emotions and voices that come with missing the mark eat us up and deflate us. How hopeless would life be if there were no second chances or do-overs for anything.

  1. Ah yes, I’m inclined to fall into the trap of giving up. Recently I have discovered the power of fresh starts. It’s about being kinder to ourselves, exercising forgiveness that we extend to other to ourselves. (I’m in the middle of writing about ‘self-compassion’ – so this is on my mind!). Yay for fresh starts! Thanks for the lovely reminder, Veronica.

    • Being kind to ourselves….sounds like a post I wrote recently. πŸ˜‰

      But I get what you’re saying, Deb. I used to give up all the time, feeling unworthy of a second chance, third, fourth, tenth chance. I understood the idea of forgiveness which sometimes made me feel more guilty that I’d fail. I guess I never always absorbed the beauty and power of grace. I still struggle with self-forgiveness at ties but beating through the deflating emotions when we do fall is what we have to do. Otherwise how hopeless would life be?! Look forward to your post on self-compassion.

  2. I drop the ball constantly but you know what – that’s life. Our failings are a part of s as much as our successes, so we ought to own them and appreciate them. Love your attitude! x

  3. I used to beat myself up over making mistakes. And I make a lot. πŸ™‚ But I’ve since learned that everyone misses the mark or makes the wrong choice sometimes. The important thing is what you do next. Correct (where possible), accept what is and put your energy into today. Fresh starts are imperative.

  4. Oh absolutely. I have got better at this in the last year I think. But previously I have given up so many times – a habit started in childhood when I gave up ballet at four because I couldn’t dance like a ‘real ballerina’. I really have to fight my perfectionist tendencies which exacerbate my ‘everyone will think I’m an idiot’ thoughts. Great post. xx

    • Thanks for your comment, Melissa. I think part of my past struggles have also been due to my perfectionist tendencies which are connected to a fear of failure, of not measuring up, not being perfect. I gave up piano quite young because I wasn’t as good or a natural like my younger brother. Getting older has helped me let go a bit. I hope to really nail this new attitude in 2012 for the rest of my life.

  5. That is really something I need to remind myself of every night. Today is done, it’s in the past and there’s nothing I can do about anything that happened. It’s happened, it’s gone, let it go. I tend to dwell a lot on things. Replay them over and over in my head. Think of how they should have gone. Stress and worry. It keeps me awake and I know it’s not healthy of helpful. Just yet another thing I need to work on and learn to let go of.

    • It’s hard to change something so ingrained in our lives but there are some things worth working on. I something think of the alternative if I didn’t try and change and often that is enough to spur me on to work at it. Wishing you the best in your journey with this, Bee.

  6. Fantastic post, absolutely, i think my super positive, encouraging & compliment giving parents are much to blame for my ability to let things slide, know i’ve tried my best & never freak out over perfectionism, they love me all the same. Such fabulous advice, leave the day behind you, i love it!! I am very good at letting go & moving on, i have very limited baggage in my life. Love Posie

    • That’s so great, Jennie! I don’t know many people with your take on life. I know more with varying degrees of the other. It’s a great gift your parents left you. I hope to change enough to instil this in my girls.

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