Two(!) Photo-a-day Challenges – December 2011

After a few month’s hiatus, I’ve again decided to join two photo challenges for December. Clicking on the images will open a larger version. I hope you enjoy the photos.

2011 December Flickr Photoaday

Flickr December 2011 in Photos Topics

Day 1. My better half
Day 2. Trash
Day 3. Angel(s)
Day 4. The first thing I see when i wake up
Day 5. Something old
Day 6. Weheels
Day 7. That old…..
Day 8. (Blue) skies, nothing but (blue) skies
Day 9. Tail
Day 10. Something new
Day 11. Furry
Day 12. ‘On yer bike mate’
Day 13. Risky
Day 14. Weapon of choice
Day 15. Something borrowed
Day 16. Collection
Day 17. Congratulations
Day 18. Race!!!
Day 19. Balls
Day 20. Something blue
Day 21. Celebrations
Day 22. Speed (I need speed)
Day 23. Drives me crazy
Day 24. The tree
Day 25. First born
Day 26. Family
Day 27. Eyes
Day 28. ‘Well, well, if it ain’t….’
Day 29. Peace ’n quiet
Day 30. Something for the weekend
Day 31. POP!

2011 December Photoaday with TinaGraydotme

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Day 1. Favourite food
Day 2. Smile
Day 3. Happiness – yummy, smiley drinks
Day 4. Leaves
Day 5. Morning Sky
Day 6. Books
Day 7. Something funny
Day 8. My favourite colour….is situational
Day 9. Inspiring person… mum
Day 10. Nature
Day 11. Something old
Day 12. Hands
Day 13. Written words…from my great great aunt
Day 14. Movement
Day 15. Technology
Day 16. Animals…..a beautiful art print I bought from artist Lori Portka
Day 17. Memories…..25+ years handmade Sweet 16 gift
Day 18. Something new…delicacy or not, I’m not willing to try test this on my palette
Day 19. Best friends
Day 20. Seasonal
Day 21. Where I sleep
Day 22. Clothing….packing for the trip
Day 23. In my closet
Day 24. Gratitude…for plenty
Day 25. Artwork
Day 26. Transportation…trains and automobiles
Day 27. Daily routine
Day 28. Night time…street lamp illumination
Day 29. Light
Day 30. Self-Portrait…tired


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