Wordless Wednesday – Stormy Skies

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Panoramic images made using Dermander available on the iTunes store.

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.

Wordless Wednesday with Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love


42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Stormy Skies

    • Grace, I used an iPhone app called Dermander. It does pretty good panoramic shots and it’s free. There are a couple of other good apps but I like this the best so far.

    • Thanks, Kel. I liked the different shades too and how they changed with the evolving cloud formations. Quite majestic to watch. Just needed some lightning to go along with everything else.

    • Thanks, Julia. I actually took these using my iPhone. The free panoramic camera is called Dermander. But I know what you mean about learning the DSLR. I’m still learning to use mine too. I’ve soaked in a few technical odds and ends but I tend to shoot from the gut and it takes lots of trial and error. I know if I read the guide, I’d be less frustrated at times. They say, “practice makes perfect”!

    • I love storms too, especially with lightning. It’s so awesome when the sky darkens to nit during the day. It’s just as amazing when they pass over and the sun breaks through the clouds again with the world glistening from the remnants of the downpour.

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