Wordless Wednesday – Through All Seasons

Anzac Bridge Collage

Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.

Wordless Wednesday with Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love


41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Through All Seasons

    • Thanks, Amy. I suppose this type of series could realistically be done with any constant backdrop. I never thought of doing one myself until I realised I had so many of this bridge!

    • Thanks, Ai. Seems the rainbow and lightning shots behind the bridge were the favourites. I must say I also like the catch of the bridge and the red dust since it was such a unique experience for the city to be shrouded in dust!

  1. Such a great set of photos. The lightning one must have been such a lucky shot to get! I liked the rainbow and the sunrise (?) also. Who knew one view could be seen in so many different states?

    • Thanks, Shelly. The lightning shot along the bridge pylon WAS a lucky shot. I’ve several more that were nothing like that. I think the “sunrise” was probably a sunset – I’m not usually up that earlier! I never knew I had enough for such a collage till I was going through my photos one day. You could probably do similar with any other constant feature eg: statue, building, etc.

    • Thanks, Kel. Maybe you could try a series of photos against some of the magnificent Tasmanian landmarks/backdrops you come across in your Tasmanian Backyard Series..

    • Well, you know Laney, there is a statue on one end of the bridge to honour the NZ soldiers. When I saw I had so many of the bridge in all seasons and stages of the day, I had to put this collage together.

  2. Fabulous photos Veronica. Usually I see the Anzac bridge, from the perspective of being stuck in traffic and feeling cranky (thankfully not very often). I like looking at it from this perspective.

    • Ha, ha, Julie, I think most people see the bridge the same way. I’m just glad I’m almost never on it during peak hour. I have caught a few stunning (if I may say so myself) shots of the pylons and cables against a brilliant blue sky whilst driving over it. It is an interesting subject to photograph. I might pop then in a future WW one day.

    • Thanks, Tat. The bridge is a willing subject for me so I get to spot it in so many settings. I know it’s an inanimate object but it can still look interesting and engaging.

    • Thanks, Anna. Yes, I did take all the bridge shots. I was going through my iPhoto library one day and realised I had an awful lot of the bridge so the idea for the collage was born!

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