Wordless Wednesday – Mark as Spam

Humorous Spam

Humorous Spam

Helpful Spam

Helpful Spam

Mark as Spam

Brought to you by……….Mark, as Spam

No, not really

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.

Wordless Wednesday with Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love


39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Mark as Spam

    • I was wondering the same thing the other day! Are there some people writing computer programs that automatically spit these out or is there some poor sod sitting there typing like crazy for peanuts? What’s the end game, I wonder? Actually, it doesn’t really matter. I have better things to spend my time wondering about! 😉

    • Actually, yes, some spam is very encouraging and flattering, like “the best article I’ve read on this topic”. I wonder how many people believe these comments? Sadly, I guess the rest of us have become a bit cynical, hey.

    • I almost approved one the other day and then had to do a double take. Then I almost didn’t approve a genuine reply. Some are a little tricky. Thankfully, most are totally obvious.

    • Oh, yes, I’ve had ugg boots before but lately I’ve had some about televisions because I wrote a post about online TV a little while back. Maybe you wrote about ugg boots somewhere along the way!

    • They are getting funny. I am sure I’d get more strange ones if I wrote about a wider range of topics. I don’t mind humour and recipes though, as long as it’s only once in a blue moon! Ha Ha!

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