Things I Know – After 100 Blog Posts


With this post, I’ve finally hit another blogging milestone……..

So what do I know about blogging and commenting after 100 posts, apart from the fact that mummy bloggers are like my virtual mother’s group?

I know that blogging:

  • Is fun.
  • Is hard work.
  • Is time-consuming.
  • Can be addictive.
  • Can be political.
  • Can be educational.
  • Can be inspirational.
  • Has been rewarding.

I know of commenting:

  • The etiquette of the comment remains a mystery.
  • Some bloggers always reply to comments, some occasionally, some never.
  • Some bloggers reply immediately, others within days.
  • Some bloggers reply within their post’s comment stream.
  • Some bloggers reply via personal email.
  • Some “reply” by visiting my blog to comment on a recent post of mine.

But in relation to commenting, I don’t know:

  • Is a reply expected?
  • Is is considered rude not to reply?
  • Are bloggers with many followers and comments excused from replying because of the sheer volume?
  • Is it preferable to receive a reply to a comment than a return comment to a post?

What do you think about my summary of blogging? What are your thoughts on commenting and its etiquette?

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50 thoughts on “Things I Know – After 100 Blog Posts

  1. It’s a tough one. I like to reply to every comment via email but often can’t because people don’t always have email linkedto their comment. I’d love to use something like Intense Debate or Disqus so I could reply to each one on the post but too lazy atm to install. Often wonder whether people would prefer email reply or comment on their own blog.

    • Thanks for sharing your tips, Kate. I have learnt a whole lot about commenting from this one post and everyone’s replies and it’s been eye-opening to say the least!

      As to an email reply or comment back on their blog, I wonder the same. If someone was big on stats, then comments back would be preferable, I assume, since I don’t think replies really count as part of the stats traffic, or do they? I’m pretty ignorant about the stats side of things.

      Appreciate you dropping by.

  2. Congrats on making that blogging milestone Veronica! Thats a lot of blogging magic 🙂

    When I started out in July, I was adamant that I would reply to every comment I received and for the most part I still do…but now my blog is getting a lot busier, sometimes I just get overwhelmed with that task.

    I think its comparable to etiquette IRL – we all have different versions of what should be. I like my comments to be replied to on the blog/comments section itself – particularly if it is valuable in generating further discussion. Also, if I visit a blog regularly and have never received one response to any of my comments, I may still read the blog but not comment so much….I think its imperative to appreciate your readers and their comments….its a two way-street.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Kirri. I tend to agree with you about it being important to show appreciation to your readers. That’s why my personal view is to reply to comments as far as it’s possible to do so. It’s hard though when we are busy or there are many comments. I’ve actually learnt a lot about the technicalities of comment/reply systems and it’s been an eye-opener. There’s a post in there!

  3. Very true ! – it depends sometimes there is just not enough time (WW) and unless they ask a question I hav eto let it go.
    I don’t worry if I don’t get a reply anymore.
    Happy 100 Post Veronica.

  4. Happy 100th !!!
    I think replying to comments depends on a number of variables and time can sometimes be the big one ! If I can’t reply their comment on my blog, I make a concerted effort to at least visit their blog within the next couple of days.
    Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes…not so.
    But, at least I try…:)

    • Thanks, Grace. For me, I have an approach I take but I can see circumstances affect how/when I reply too and whether I can return the favour. If I can’t go via the blog, then Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram contact are good too. Thankfully, most of us are fairly accommodating with the realities of daily life.

      – Veronica @ Mixed Gems

      Email: Blog: Twitter: @mixedgems

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Jo. It seems there is a tradition to celebrate the 100th post with 100 things about yourself but I only found that out after the fact. Maybe you could consider that. As to the questions I posed, there’s been some good feedback on this post and my current (101st) post so feel free to check both.

  5. Happy 100th! The whole commenting issue is a tough one. I don’t have Disqus or Intense Debate on my blog yet. I like the concept of being able to reply directly in a comment stream, but to be honest, I’m scared to install them, I’ve heard of so many people having issues.

    Where I can, I reply via email, if it’s attached. Or I’ll try to go and comment on their blog, and usually make reference (or a thank you, at least) to them having stopped by mine. I prefer this, as rarely do I go back to someone’s blog to see if they’ve replied to my comment, so I guess I just assume the same of everyone else.

    So I guess I prefer bloggers pop by mine and say Hello, I’m more likely to see that than a comment in their stream. When you follow 200-300 blogs, reading and commenting is more than enough, let alone going back to see if they’ve replied to your comment.

    I’m often a little put off by the super-bloggers because I do think that the sheer scale makes it impossible to interact with them. And I find once they lose that personal touch (not their fault, there’s usually a reason they’re so popular), I’m less engaged.

    • Thanks, Melissa. It is a management issue, especially when you follow so many blogs. I’ve been trying to rationalise my main list so I can keep it manageable but it’s still hard to keep up sometimes.

      I agree most people don’t tend to go back to check the comment stream after having left a comment. Replying by email or making use of a widget makes sense. I’m actualy still using free WP so no access to those widgets but I will probably change that in time.

      I know what you mean about very popular bloggers. It seems to be an occupational hazard that engagement is harder but it must have been some degree of engagement in the beginning that helped the growth, at least to some degree. Such a quandry.

  6. I always try and comment on comments I receive on my blog both in the replies on my blog and also going to their blog and comment.
    It’s always nice that people take the time to comment on my post so I always try and return the blog love 🙂

    • I try to do the same as you Kirsty, you know, “Do unto others”, but it can take a lot of time. I wonder if some get offended by a lack of response. I don’t but I do know that if there isn’t any reciprocality somewhere along the way, I tend to stop checking back with that blogger after a while just purely because I am short on time and want to interact with bloggers who do engage. I wonder if most people do that.

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more! Happy 100th post too! I try and reply to comments. I think it’s courteous. Yes, I know it can be hard to find the time to sit and read, then think about and write a reply to every comment – but I know I like receiving replies, so I always try and return the favour. (In saying that, I’ve had a few comments go AWOL, so then I send an email to the commenter, so they don’t think I’m so rude!)

    • Thank you, Debbie. I have the same philosophy as you regarding comments and replies. I take the approach, “Do unto others. I just feel if someone has taken the time to write something, I should at least take the time to respond, as far as I possibly can, though if you read my post 101st post today, you might notice I’ve learnt those replies were previously not going out to commenters. I’ve since recitified that.

  8. Wow whoopeedoo! Congrats on publishing 100 posts of your precious words 🙂

    I like getting comments and commenting back. However, with blogger I don’t have the option of having that individual reply button to every comment so sometimes I will either write out a personal comment to each person, or give a general comment to address all issues raised. If time permits, I will go over to that person’s blog to interact and comment too..nice to have visitors and also visit back, no? Especially if I’m too “late” in commenting on my own posts..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Join in: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

    • Thanks, Ai. If you read my 101st post from today, I only just realised that with free WP, I don’t have the option to do an individual reply either. I never realised that before. So I’ve changed the way I do my replies and and sending email replies now. If I go self-hosted, I should be able to install appropriate plugins but I’m not going down that path yet. A lot of being able to respond to others (replies or visiting their blogs to comment) is about time, isn’t it? And there really is a degree of reciprocality about it. I think most people stop interacting with someon who never once shows any interest in them. It’s only natural.

    • Hi Asianmommy! I think it is important, if we are meant to be communicating as bloggers, to do some reciprocal interaction too, whether it be replying to comments, commenting on posts, twitter or other such means of social networking. It’d be very lonely otherwise and it’s the community that makes blogging worthwhile. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Congrats on the 100th post! I am with you on the commenting thing as well. I like to leave a comment on posts I read as I know what it means to me. In terms of replying to comments left I really try to but sometimes it is just a thanks and I wonder if it even gets read.

    • Thanks, Rhi. I guess everyone gives and receives comments with slightly different motivations. I know I read all replies I get to comments and even continue the conversation on the odd occasion if it seems warranted. I guess it seems common courtesy to reply or at least have some engagement if someone else has taken the time to respond. It’s a bit like someone wrote recently that no reply is like someone walking past you in real life, you saying “Hi” and they ignoring you. I guess online makes it easy to ignore but I’d hate to meet a person IRL whom I’d been ignoring all along.

  10. Yay, 100!

    Because I’m on Blogger, I installed Disqus. I enjoy replying to comments in a thread – it’s more like a conversation that way. Also, it means I can quickly reply, yet still get around to the blogs of people who stopped by my posts.

    • Thanks for the tech advice, Jayne. It may in fact, have been your reply that started me worrying if anyone was receiving my replies – which then led to today’s 101st post about the issue. I don’t think I can use those plugins on free WP but I’m not sure I’m ready to self-host either. I guess it’s party about where I’nm heading for the next 100 posts and beyond. That’s something I’ve been pondering a bit more concretely of late, when I get some head space between all the other regular home and family things!

  11. Congrats on reaching 100 posts – I’m due to hit that mark tomorrow, can’t believe that I have got that far in this blogging caper, so well done to you too! But it is fun, isn’t it?

    I reply to every comment (I don’t get heaps, so it’s manageable) and have installed a wordpress plugin that automatically emails my replies to the commenter so that saves me time. I’m still trying to build an engaged community and still trying to find my blogging voice so I feel it’s important to reply to everyone. I can imagine this would be close to impossible for the big bloggers so it doesn’t bother me if they don’t reply to everyone. We’re all human after all! Good luck for the next 100 posts!

    • Thanks for the wishes, Kirsty, and right back at you! Blogging is fun but over time, it also becomes an interesting study of human behaviour, etiquette, politics and lots of other stuff. I never expected any of that when I started.

      Like you, I aim to respond to every comment because it’s about the engagement for me, as much as anything else. If I’m not courteous that way, then I can’t expect much in return. But there may come a day when that’s just no longer possible. There’ll have to be other ways of showing that consideration otherwise there’ll never be any time for anything else.

  12. Congratulations on your milestone!

    The comment thing is hard isn’t it? I generally reply to all comments I get on my blog (though admittedly, it is usually a couple of days after the event). As others have mentioned though, I don’t get heaps of comments. I’m sure it would be different if I was getting 50 comments per post…

    If a blogger comments on my blog I generally try to visit and comment on their blog too (not 100%, but I try). I just feel like that is a polite thing to do (+ if someone is interested in my blog, I am likely to be interested in theirs too!)

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Julie. I aim to reply to all comments too but even getting 25 to this post from Friday has taken sometime to get to, especially when I often have to type one-handed because of the baby (like right now). Following that up with a reciprocal blog visit is something I try to do too. I don’t always keep up, but I do my best, knowing that most other bloggers are quite understanding about the time limitations because we are all in the same boat.

  13. I like your summary and congrats on hitting #100! As for commenting, I don’t think it’s expected that you reply back to every comment. Just like if you were reading an article on the internet and decide to comment, you wouldn’t expect the author to respond to comments. Now if there was a question asked in my comment, I do answer those. Or if there is something particularly interesting someone shared like a personal story then I may reply to their comment or tweet them about it. But I don’t reply to every comment especially if there is no question asked as it’s kind of impossible time wise.

    • I like your take on the matter, Maria. It’s very pragmatic. I think I’m realising that a lot of how we respond to others is about how we’d like to, or are happy to, be treated in return – reciprocality.

  14. Well I try to reply to every comment, and usually aso soon as possible aftter posting, and hopefully before I post something new; but having said that, I have about twenty at the moment that I haven’t replied to yet. It’s on todays to-do list 😉

    I like receiving a reply, particularly if I have asked a question. I get frustrated but the blogger commenting system where you have to check back to see if you have a response. Unless I’m really curious, I don’t bother, but will ask on twitter, or private email instead.

    Commenting is a weird thing though. I think it’s good etiquette to comment, but others don’t seem to think that’s necessary. It’s also a time factor; some days I get distracted by kids, or just run out of time. And sometimes there is nothing more to say!
    I try to make an effort to comment on every post I read; I’m getting better at it. Also trying to read some more peeople more regualarly (like yours!) It’s hard finding time for everything sometimes. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jess. It’s hard to keep up at times. I’m taking a couple of days to reply back myself of late. I think it’s polite to reply too (thus my 101st post today) but you raise the issue of limitations on commenting systems which suddenly makes me wonder if that’s why some don’t reply. So for the times I’ve thought someone might be a little rude at never ever replying, they were possibly not able to easily do so. I wonder why basic systems don’t enable that. It seems like such a basic feature to me.

  15. Happy 100th and well done! I’ve only just started blogging about a month ago so still finding my feet and trying to understand etiquette. At the moment I make sure that I reply to all my comments and I’d like to think lll keep doing that even if and when i gst busier. I do think bloggers should make an effort. I’ve noticed some don’t reply at all. If someone has taken the time to read your blog and leave a comment, you should at least acknowledge their comment. But as I say, I might change my tune when ingot busier!

    • Thanks, Anna. I’ve been slowly plodding away at it for fun for the past 6 months and it’s been an interesting ride. I don’t have a specific focus, like your blog or many others, as yet but I like to share bits and pieces. I think there seem to be general “rules” but some are really applied loosely by many (eg: commenting and replying) whilst others are more specific such as spamming type communication. I know many bloggers don’t always reply but I also know some busy ones who do. I think it appears to come down to the individual, at the end of the day, and possibly their commenting system!

  16. I think that there are other ways to engage too. While I’m fairly crap at commenting I’m pretty good at RTing and sharing content on Twitter.

    Happy 100th!

    • Thanks for reminding me of the other ways to engage too. You are absolutely right, though after a post I read this morning from Life in a Pink Fibro (Just another blog post about blogging (and ducks)) might it only be others bloggers on Twitter rather than non-blogging readers? Lots of things rattling about in my head right now so sorry for seeming rather random with that one!

  17. Great work! It is a lot of hard work but very rewarding. I would love to reply to every comment but run out of time too. I have the plug in installed too that when I reply to a comment it gets emailed to the person who wrote it. Just do what works and feels best for you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Janelle. Yours must indeed be a lot of work because of the focus of your blog but I can see it’s been rewarding. I don’t have a plugin (which was the subject of my 101st post yesterday) so I’ve started replying differently so replies do get to commenters. I feel it is common courtesy for me to reply but I accept everyone is different.

  18. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    Now on commenting: Occasionally I reply to comments when I have something to say beyond Thank you for commenting. I reply on my blog, but I have a plugin that would send the reply to the person who commented by email. Most people won’t come back to read what you’ve written in response to their comment on your own blog.

    Sometimes I’d reply by email, if the reply is more personal than what I would want for the whole world to see.

    I visit back every person that comments on my blog. I’d usually visit immediately, but if I’m struggling to comment on their most recent posts, I’d wait until they post something that I can comment on.

    I’m sure other people will disagree on this, but my guideline is to treat others the way I would want to be treated. I find it very annoying to have an inbox full of emails all saying ‘Thank you for commenting” that don’t really add to the conversation. At the same time if I keep on commenting on someone’s blog and they never reply and never visit me back, then I might still read their stuff but why bother leaving a comment?

    • I follow the same, “do unto others” approach when it comes to comments and replies. I know it gets time consuming but part of my reason for blogging is the community and there’s no community without participation. I don’t have any plugin for replies and till everyone’s comments, didn’t realise my replies were not automatically sent. Seems a basic feature each blogging platform should have as a standard but I’ve learnt they don’t so I’m working round it now. I hate to think people never got my replies in the past!

  19. Congrats on your 100th post! My goodness, I’ve been thinking so much about the commenting etiquette too. Good on you for asking the questions.

    I always reply because I’m a social being and I love being in conversation with people who read my blog. There have been a couple of exceptions on posts that are serious matters that almost require silence (very rare). I’m a big believer in being connected to your readers. I don’t think bigger bloggers ARE excused from not writing replies. I’m just not into putting some bloggers into a celebrity category and thereby they’re given exemptions. We’re all people, right? I think it’s good etiquette to reply. I certainly enjoy the connection I get with bloggers who do reply. And I’m kind of left disconnected when they don’t. And as a result I’m probably more inclined to comment on blogs where I know they’ll reply. It’s about acknowledging someone who took time to read your post. It’s about community. It’s about common social courtesy.

    • I like your description of connecting to your readers through comments and replies. I use “engagement” a lot but it’s essentially the same and I’m tiring of that word, though not it’s meaning. I take the same approach as you and over the last 6-8 weeks have honed in on who I follow primarily because they connect with me. I follow a couple who never reply but that’s because I value what they say and sometimes they do engage via Twitter or Instagram. We are time poor and it makes sense to focus on those who “want to play with you”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Deb.

  20. Happy 100th Post Veronica! I just took a look at mine out of interest and tomorrow will be 99! I always try and comment back as well as replying in my comment stream (which I think sends an email?). On a couple of the wine giveaway comments I didn’t reply back – too many and sometimes not something I could really comment on ie where do you buy your wine?
    I like the idea of a commenting system that allows more discussion between readers.

    • Thank you, Laney. I’ve just noticed you’ve loaded the traditonal 100 things post so I’ll check it out shortly. I think even if you can’t reply to all, the fact that you are interested and connected to your readers is obvious. I think a missed reply here and there would be totally understood. As to commenting systems, I now know I have a lot to learn about them!

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  22. Congratulations on your 100th post! I am almost there too. Don’t you wish you could have read this post way back when you started?! I don’t have any blogging friends IRL so I have just muddled my way through and some very kind bloggers have given me some technical tips along the way.
    Being with Blogger, I haven’t installed a public reply comment system. However I quite enjoy privately emailing people replies. I wish everyone had there accounts set up where you can easily do that though and not have to find their contact dets on their blog etc.
    Looking forward to your next 100 posts!

    • Thanks, Lee. There are so many things I’ve learnt about blogging by blogging. I guess it’s a bit like life and parenting; you learn as you do. I’m doing the private email reply now too. It’s an extra step but until I go self-hosted and can get various plugins, that’s the best I can do. So you should be getting this reply from me for the first time!

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