Wordless Wednesday – A Toddler’s Wardrobe

Come take a peek into the wardrobe preferences of a fickle toddler.

Toddler Shoes

Let's replace the worn out pair with the same style. But what colour and size? Thank goodness for returns.

Toddler's Tees

Guess her favourite colours? We need enough to cover laundry runs! It's almost a uniform.

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.

Wordless Wednesday with Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love


47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – A Toddler’s Wardrobe

    • You should see the clothes and shoes she’s refused to wear! And I don’t have, by any stretch of the imagination, too many clothes for her. I’m just hoping her sister will wear them, many brand new, when she gets older.

  1. She’s got good taste! I love when kids get their own sense of taste and preferences. Their little personalities developing! I’m quietly pleased that my girl loves red and purple (and not pink) – we’ve never pushed any colour on her, so it’s lovely that she goes with her heart. 🙂

    • I know. It is quite cute to see her taste developing, apart from the battles we occasionally have about not wearing something that is already intel sundry basket because it’s dirty. I’m not a pink person either. Quietly pleased about that.

    • I do like the colours. The battles not so much. Thankfully it’s summertime soon so she can get by with the above. You should have seen the battles when it was winter and she only wanted to wesr the above and a skirt. No jacket or leggings.

    • Miss T was actually wearing the above options plus a skirt through most of winter too. You should have seen the battles we had getting a jacket and leggings on her during the cold weather. That inspired my first vlog!

    • It’s best to have a few copies in some cases. I don’t shop without her anymore. She’s only 32 months too! Sometimes she says she wants something I store too, and then rejects it at home. The opposite has happened too. Sometimes I feel I can’t win!

    • It does on one level. I just get bored of seeing her in the lilac t-shirt every single day. She’s wearing one today again and did on Monday too. Well, it’s not about me. 🙂

  2. LOL. Our wardrobe is mostly dresses for the little lady and the shoes Oh my! She has a true shoe fetish. As for the boy, it’s mostly denim shorts and t shirts (lots because he is a messy thing).

    • I wish I could get Miss T to dress up more. She likes only one or two dresses right now. The remaining 8 or so are untouched. One was worn a few times. The rest have never been worn. Oh, we’ll, there’s always her sister.

    • They are pretty good and being from Target, more affordable than actual crocs. She’s actually in between sizes right now so smaller is just a bit tight but bigger is just a bit loose. I’m returning most of the pairs and keeping just two of the bigger ones. Hopefully she’ll still like them in a month or so when she’s grown into them. I can never tell.

    • Well, the shoes are potentially hers depending on what she doesn’t reject. I think we’re only going to end up with two of the slightly bigger pairs, green and purple. But the tees are all hers. She almost exclusively wears the purple and blue so I have themin the next size up now. Too bad I can’t find the colourful stripes one in a bigger size. Oh well, Ill just pack that one away when it’s too small. She mightn’t even notice.

    • Yup, that’s very true. She’s picked her favourite colour combinations well. I think that’s what she’s drawn too as well, the colours. She used to wear a lovely red tee but rejects it all the time. She also used to wear a darker purple but has rejected that one too.

    • Thanks, Fiona. I wish Miss T was more eclectic. I see some lovely clothes out there but just walk straight by with a sigh because I know it’s too risky buying it if she rejects it. Not all stores are willing to return a change of mind purchase.

  3. My daughter is developing quite a strong opinion about what she wants to wear. Sometimes the combination is a little migraine-inducing, but when you’re almost 4, you can carry off any look! Nothing like cultivating your own style early on in life!

    • I know what you mean. She has occasionally mismatched things and I cringe but then tell myself I shouldn’t judge her style. So I help by buying things that mostly match so no matter what she throws on, it should look fairly decent. 🙂

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