The Logic of a Child (Them’s Smart Cookies)

Kids have their own special brand of logic that gets trained out of their brains as they grow up.

No Pancakes For Me

One morning, my toddler asked for pancakes. As I made them, she added to her order, “Shapes with cream cheese and sprinkles, please”. So, loving mum that I am, I proceeded to make pancakes. She helped me with the sprinkles.

We fussed briefly over which plate she wanted – “Not this one! I want the duck one, mummy.”

“This IS the duck one”, I replied.


As I was pressing out the shapes, she was happily picking up the scattered sprinkles. I had to keep reminding her to eat the pancake and not just the sprinkles.

When the last shape was pressed, I said we’d take the plate to the dining table. She promptly replied she wasn’t hungry anymore.

“WHAT? You asked mummy for pancake, darling!” I said sternly, but lovingly.

Then the lightbulb went off.

“Did you only want to eat the sprinkles?”

“Yes”, she replied non-chalantly.

I love how they can be so honest at this age.


We are at the local shopping centre many weekends so the food court becomes our kitchen.

Chicken & Chips Again

After being introduced to chips by darling hubby about a year ago, guess what Miss T has decided is her favourite meal? Chips? No. She’s a smart cookie. She knows she can’t just have chips. So she asks for chicken AND chips.

I have to take some credit, however, for being a bit of a smart cookie too. I thought if I made the meal a bit of a game, especially since she’s learning numbers, she might eat more chicken.

The rules were; “One chip, one bite of chicken, One chip, one bite of chicken. Two chips, two bites of chicken. Two chips, two bites of chicken.” I said it in sing-song style like a ditty, and she thought it was the bees-knees. But the best thing was that it worked! She downed that chicken and I couldn’t have been any happier…….well, I could have. If only she’d eat some salad……

When have you found yourself bamboozled by the logic of a child?

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44 thoughts on “The Logic of a Child (Them’s Smart Cookies)

  1. Once my little girl got a taste for chips there was no going back. She doesn’t like much food (including chicken) – otherwise I might try your game! Your little one sounds like a smart little one. Love their honesty. 🙂

    • What is it about chips that are them so addictive?! I wished my hubby hadn’t introduced her to them, but then he’d probably the same of me in relation to chocolate.

    • Unfortunately, I think our girl has developed dad’s taste for savoury junk and mine for sweet junk, habits I keep saying we should both change………then I go out and buy blocks of chocolate!

  2. I do that with my girl too! One bite of chicken/fish/rice etc, then the next can be a chip or whatever else that she prefers to eat heh. And yes, she is into the counting stage too.. And will “bargain” to have 1,2,3,4 tic-tacs or chocolate even if we say “only 1!!” haha

    Ai @ Sakura HARUKA

    • She’s just a bit. We’ve actually managed to overcome some home meal issues. Just got to try and get her over ordering chicken and chips every time we enter a food court. At least I managed to get her to eat salmon and avocado nori rolls. Win!

  3. 🙂 haha. They are so cute when they come up with pearlers like that. Can’t for the life of me remember a specific one right now but my little one dishes them out regularly too.

    • Let me know if it works. I find my toddler more responsive to things set against sing or a ditty. I’ve used some of the ones from Yo Gabba Gabba too like “Try it, you might like it” and “Keep trying, don’t give up”. She does, however,boccasionally tell me to “Stop singing mummy!”.

    • I’ve managed to become more patience than I ever expected but not always. Sometimes I’m ready to punch the wall or scream into a pillow. Hope I’m not the only one!

    • It’s like she’s telling lies sometimes now, but I know she’s not. I guess we will move from the stage of honesty to fibs at some point. I hope she won’t go there too soon or too often.

    • That’s too funny! My little one has asked to go to bed before because she didn’t want to eat dinner……she who normally fights bedtime till about 9.30pm every night!

  4. Oh man – I wish the one bit of …. one bite of…. would work for me! My Mr 2 is so stubborn with food. He selectively eats his favourite part of a meal (tonight is was sausage – leaving the mashed potato and broccoli), and demands more. He would rather get into a stand-off and miss out on more of his preferred food, than allow one crumb of his non-preferred food to pass his lips! I usually don’t let it get to me, just don’t offer anything else, but oh man!!!! At least I could always negotiate with Miss 3. Mr 2 is impossible!

    • It can be frustrating. We it’ll have dinner battles at times but it has improved. Sometimes she refuses to eat much or at all and we remind her that if she’s hungry later, there’s nothing else (ie: none of her favourites like lolly, peanut butter, etc) but her cold dinner to return to. She’s started to accept that deal and has returned to her cold dinner. I just stopped forcing her, like we felt we had to in the early days.

  5. Oh that’s classic!! My little guy isn’t quite old enough to trick him like that, he just flat out refuses to eat the “chicken” (or veggies, or whatever!). But I can’t wait to be able to… bargain… with him!

    • Mealtime can be so frustrating. But someone once told me they won’t go hungry, or at least not after one or two refusals. It’s hard to decide if/when to offer something else or stand your ground. We battle that still. Sometimes I let her opt out if it’s a new food/taste that she may not like but she should at least try it. That’s where the battles sometimes begin for us. In the heat of those moments, I keep remembering how I refused to eat certain foods until I was older so sometimes feel sympathy for her.

    • I know! I do like learning to look at my world through their eyes. We grow up and lose that wonder and simplicity. I like being reminded of that and some more. It’s enriching and refreshing.

  6. So cute. Mine keeps saying it’s King Lion and not LionKing, because you know, King always comes first before the name. And it’s Two Cars not Cars 2 because Cars 2 doesn’t make sense.

    • Love the logic! Those are great examples. I remember a childhood neighbour whose little girl used to ask her mummy why the big chair (tall stool) was too big for her but not too big for daddy (who was over 6 foot by the way). Can’t wait for more of those bamboozling conversations…..I think!

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