No longer in denial

What do I know? Well, it’s official. I’ve seen the light. I’ve accepted the inevitable, the truth that’s been increasingly apparent from all those behind me. If only I’d had eyes in the back of my head. I would’ve seen what I can no longer hide.

I’d been kidding myself. It wasn’t that bad. But in the bright light of day, and the revealing honesty of a mirror, it was staring me in the face:

I’m going grey! And it’s happening fast(!) as my post-baby hair shed is growing back.

Very Upset by unexpectedtales

{image credit}

The thing is, it’s really not too obvious from the front. But from the back…………………..think skunk.

Skunk By NDomer73{image credit}

I love my natural hair colour. I get compliments about it, even from hairdressers who play with hair dyes for a living. Or are they paid to flatter?! Hmmmm…….

I did say when I was in my early 20s that I’d dye it if I went prematurely grey. Bah! What’s premature? Grey is grey!

This week my eyes have been opened. I’ve had a lightbulb moment. If I don’t start colour matching before I go more grey, I’m going to lose the chance to “fake it natural”.

So I’m on a mission; to find my natural colour…….packaged in a bottle.

Can you help a real novice? Do you dye your hair? What do you know about the best, non-harsh hair dyes on the market? Are highlights better than a full colour wash?


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42 thoughts on “No longer in denial

  1. Aww Veronica, you had me worried for a minute – great way to hook your reader!
    I don’t have any greys and I like to think it wouldn’t be a big deal but thats probably a lie. I lighten my hair and for a long time was going to an “organic” salon but I have now changed to a traditional colorist. The developing time for more natural products is about 3 times as long (at least for highlights) so my scalp ended up getting all irritated just from having the product on so long…also it was heaps more expensive and I just loathed sitting still for 3 hours!

    I’m sure you will find something that works for you and your lovely thick hair.

    • Ha Ha! Sorry to scare you. I’ve never heard of an organic salon but probably wouldn’t be too keen on sitting for 3 hours either. I think I’m going to have to colour often so not sure my hip pocket could take the expense either. We’ll see.

  2. Oh dear…welcome to my world ! I tried doing “at home” hair dyes. I gave up. It was messy and sometimes I would get the wrong product – really dry terrible hair was the result. I just go to the hairdressers now. It’s the only way to go.
    Good luck with it…I’m sure you’ll be fine 😉
    Maybe I’ll see your beautiful shiny hair at the DP Christmas party ??? 😉

  3. oh no! can you pretend that you have ash blonde highlights?
    What I know about grey hair is that is coarser than non-grey hair and thus needs a special dye – or is that just a marketing ploy. hmm I don’t know.

    • I think I might consider ash blonde or caramel. It might cover up the “damage”. 🙂 I think I’ve yet to need the heavy duty stuff but once I go even more grey, I may have to get the top guns out to deal with the wiry whites!

  4. Yes, I know where you’re at. One day, at the hairdressers, I went from putting in a few highlights to having all over colour. Luckily that was an exceptional hairdresser and he made me look very good. Hmmm, maybe I need to go back there? Really not happy with hair right now…

    • I did use highlights a very long time ago and ended up getting so light (patch job upon patch job) that I coloured the whole lot. I’ve not had the best of luck with hairdressers so it’s always a tough call for me. And yes, why don’t you pamper yourself with a nice hair do. You should!

  5. I’m not there yet, which is surprising considering I have 5 kids!!! I have dyed my hair everything from Red, Chocolate Brown and Blonde over the years, but now that we have finished having children its back to blonde for me!

    • I’ve never dared to dye it so drastically different. In fact, I’ve only done a few little subtle changes a long, long time ago. I wonder about blonde but not sure I could ever carry it off.

  6. I started going grey when I was 18!! So there was no ways I was going to “grow old gracefully” I colour my hair. I find having highlights brightens it a bit. You can always give it a go and if you don’t like the highlights, then colour over them. I don’t even bother trying to pretend it’s natural. It’s actually fun to try something new every now and then. Good luck!

    • Oh, no. I was worried about early greys because my mum’s side went grey in their 20s. I might consider highlights for now until the day I have no choice but to use all over colour to hide the grey. Just got to get a hairdresser I trust. I’ve had a bit of a bad run, recently.

  7. I used to dye my hair a lot when I was erm younger haha.. but nowadays I like to leave it natural black. Actually, I dyed it black a few times haha. I find it a nice compliment to fair skin because I like to be a natural Asian beauty ahahahahahah….

    I did like L’oreal, although I think there’s other new players in the market.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • I know some people with black hair who dye it black too. My hubby had a little moment after our girls were born and we realised they both had dark brown hair like me. I was sure it would be black. They even have slight reddish highlights from me! Ha Ha!

    • Oh, I know what lies ahead, Cathy. That’s why I’ve put off the idea I need colour for so long. It’s just too obvious from behind now. Ah well, one more thing to add to the household budget……

  8. I can totally relate! I feel like I’m turning into a skunk, too. I get the white hairs in the front of my head so I’ve been pulling them out for years. But once in a while someone will mention a random long piece of white hair in the back of my head that I couldn’t see – yes, I’m losing the fight. I have never dyed my hair, but like you said I will dye it once there are too many to pull out.

    • Hubby used to help me pull greys from the back but after having the kids, it’s hard to find the time. I told him not to bother anymore anyway. We would be fighting a losing battle!

  9. I’m starting to think about hair dye to hide grey hair too, so I feel your pain. It’s so frustrating because I used to dye my hair all the time, but a few years ago decided that I liked my natural colour. Then the grey appeared!

    • Are we trying not to grow old gracefully, accepting the inevitable? 😦 I did go through a short period of highlights and dyes but stopped quickly relishing my natural colour instead. I’ve had some good years with my favourite colour. Maybe I just need to find a new favourite colour!

  10. I agree with many others – hair dye. I would say to get advice/ proper dye job done with a hairdresser – at least the first time you do it. I haven’t seen any greys in my hair yet. This doesn’t mean they aren’t there, but I haven’t spent enough time in front of a mirror lately. My poor husband is only 36 with a head almost full of grey hair. He hates it, but I think he looks great – almost as good as George Clooney (in my eyes)!

    • Ooooo, George Clooney, goooood!! I know it can look so distinguished but somehow on a man more than a younger woman. I am probably leaning to a hairdresser and to get some pampering. I just hope I can get past my bad run of salons. If I don’t trust one for a cut, I sure as anything am not trusting that same one for a colour!

  11. My only advice is – if you want to dye it, go for it! I’m a redhead, so my experience with hairdye isn’t very good. My hair takes forever to hold, and then it only goes a little darker or lighter (depending what shade). Thanks to my nanna’s genes, I probably won’t go grey, just white – or a lighter shade of red. Sorry, that’s not really empathetic is it?!

    • No, can’t say you’re being very empathetic, but that’s ok. I’m just being vain so, hey….. 😉 I have had some colour a very long time ago so I know it can hold. What colour, is the real issue.

  12. That’s tough. It’s harder when you have dark hair too, since that shows it up so much more. I would go to a hairdresser and get them to help you match it. I have a hairdresser friend who will quite happily suggest which off the shelf colours people can buy and then put them if for them in the beginning when they’re getting used to the whole colouring process- but she may be one of a kind! Good luck with it though- sometimes dying can be such a pain, but it does look nice!

    • I know. I was thinking if my hair was blonde, you would barely see the change. Oh well. Your hairdresser sounds great. I’ve had a bit of a bad run with haircuts the past few months so have to find a good one I trust before I colour. But them, if it turns out horrible, I can always colour it something else till I’m happy. It’s not the end of the world.

  13. I like to think of them as silver rather than grey, it has more of a sparkle to it that way I think. All natural here, including more sparkle than I would care to admit, so unfortunately no words of wisdom to offer.

  14. Sorry I have no help for you here. I have highlights in my hair, but I suppose it’s cause I’m a little vain like that.

    You never know though; skunk might be in this summer? 😉

  15. I’ve found 2 or 3 since my head was shaved in august, plus one random red one, WT? my hair has been dyed since I was at uni and I am ready to get some colour going again. its one area that I always leave to a hairdresser, a good one really does know best + you get that awesome few hours of total relaxation. Tatum xx

    • Your comment was the one swaying me to the pampering of a professional job. Only trick is finding a good hairdresser who won’t leave me in tears or complaining for days after. Not had a good run with hair cuts lately. Hmm….but am I willing to pay an arm and a leg for a really good one……

  16. Having religiously dyed my hair for years (I get bored), my hair is now more natural than ever, greys and all. I only have a sprinkling so not too freaked out at this stage. In my teens, I did lots of home hair dye jobs, but now if I bother at all, I go to the salon. And you know how much I love that 😛

    • Salon pampering is sounding better and better. Maybe I should dye it almost blonde (not sure I could go blonde) to camouflage the greys until such time as I can’t hide that anymore either. At least that way, I won’t look like skunk! 😉

  17. I have got friends in their early 20s who are going grey.. My HB is going grey, but in men it looks so distinguished… I have red hair, I have never dyed it so I cant help with dyes but from what Ive heard there are a lot of dyes out there that are ammonia free.. good luck xx

    • I am so glad I didn’t go grey that young. I was worried since my mum’s family went grey in their early 20s. I will keep an eye out for ammonia free product. I suspect my hair would dry out if I used too much product.

    • Oh dear! That would’ve been a shocking hair treatment. I’ve had a poor run with salons for mere cuts of late, but not yet been in tears. If my hair had been dyed grey, there would have been tears! I am leaning towards the pampering of a professional job though. Just got to find that special hairdresser somewhere out there!

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