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  • It’s very frustrating to lose your draft blog post. Enough said.
  • I *think* Miss T is toilet-trained. I say, “I think” because she’s goes mainly when we prompt her but only, maybe, self-initated twice. She’s been in undies since last Saturday morning (except for sleeps). I’m not sure quite what happened but it was like we flicked a switch, or maybe she did, and that was that.  She’s got our “going to the toilet” ditty down-pat and can recite it from memory very easily. But we also know that if we forget to tell her to change her nappy after waking up she gets lazy and falls back to the comfort zone of using the nappy.
  • Lil S is so very close to crawling. She can get up on all fours, rock and wriggle around shifting and edging forward, though mostly backwards. She can get across the floor pretty well now through a combination of the above wriggling, rolling back and forth, pulling herself to sitting, reaching and flopping forwards or sideways and then repeating it all again. Her sister started pulling up at 8 months and that is a week away. I don’t know if she’ll follow suit but I know we’ll find out soon enough.
  • Fridays may well be mayhem for me. Miss T is staying home from childcare every Friday till the end of the year as we sort out what works best for our family in the long run. I’ve been spoilt (though at a price) to have her in full-time childcare since I returned to work last April. We didn’t want to lose days after Lil S was born and wanted to keep Miss T’s routine going through the adjustment period, so we kept her in. I’ve already prepared some activities and plan a walk to the park for tomorrow. Though it may well end up mayhem for me having two on my own all day for the first time, I am sure it will also have it’s rewarding moments too.

What do you know about toilet training toddlers? Are they only “trained” when they self-initiate every time?

For those of you with littlies at home, do you plan a routine or go with the flow?

P.S: I’m testing some font changes. Is this size is preferable over the size in my previous posts?

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36 thoughts on “Milestones and Mayhem

  1. Hi Veronica…I do love to nab the first comment 🙂
    What do I know about toilet training…it’s frustrating and a really long drawn out process – at least in my experience. I would definitely consider Miss T to be toilet-trained. My youngest girls still needed to be asked or reminded to go up to the age of four (they’re five now) and I used a nappy at night time when they were three, even though they could go all day without an accident. I just found that with twins someone was always wetting the bed at least once a week.

    As for routines or free-styling – I’m a routine lover, particularly when they were little..they seemed to be reassured when they knew what was coming next. Even now at 5 and 7, it is helpful because they understand that after brekkie they need to brush their teeth, put on sunscreen, socks and pack their school bags and for the most part they are really good at getting themselves organized. It also means that now we are more ‘efficient’ as a family which allows us to go with the flow more and I like to mix it up, particularly on the weekends.

    Wishing you a great Friday!

    • Well, Kirri, the day I posted this was the day Miss T decided to regress, just a little, but thankfully we seem back on track with the toilet training. We are still going with the overnight nappy and she gets lazy in the morning, as usual. I’m hoping she’ll stop in time but I can deal with overnight nappies for now. She’s so excited with her undies too. I’m hoping her sister trains earlier but we’re a little way off with that.

      I think you are right about routines. We have a pattern, I’ll call it, but are not very good at sticking to the times. I know she doesn’t understand time yet but we can let things slip and bedtime sometimes ends up being an hour later than it should. I have to learn, actually hubby and I, have to learn to be much more efficient!

  2. I think toilet training is one of the hardest parts of raising children! I think its when they are self initiating and going to the toilet themselves is when they are fully toilet trained!
    We are training the twins at the moment, and its funny that originally our girl was going so well and not having many accidents, then my husband took our son away for a fishing weekend, and he put him in undies for the whole weekend and it worked, hes come home and not been in nappies since, its amazing just what it took to make him click!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Kirsty. Yes, I’d concur with the idea of “fully” toilet trained when she is totally self-initiating. She’s actually been dry all week at childcare too so we are well on our way. Next will be tackling overnight nappies but I’m happy to wait for a little while before we tackle that.

  3. Sounds like the toilet training has happened to me! Well done! Toilet training came fairly easy for us with Ella, so I’m not sure how helpful I can be! (It may be a different story when Holly gets to that stage). I really just didn’t push it too much. I think you’ll still need to give reminders about going, especially when they get wrapped up in playtime.

    I’m also a BIG routine person. I just find life runs much smoother when there’s routine involved. I remember early on reading how kids crave routine. They like to know what’s coming. Everyone’s different though, of course.

    • Hi Kel. I think we are really well on our way, but for night time nappies. I’m hoping her sister learns by watching big sis but we are a little way from that stage with her. She’s only 8 months old.

      As to routine, I see the benefit, but since I’m not strict enough sometimes, especially with sticking to timeframes, I call my routines, “patterns”. We used these on her reward chart so she learnt what came when in the order of her day. I just need to get more efficient with my time management!

  4. I am so not looking forward to toilet training. Thankfully the mister’s work schedule is a lot less busy closer to Christmas so he can be the prime toilet trainer of lufflump. Sounds like you know what you are doing though 🙂

    I hope your Friday isn’t hectic and if it is I hope it’s an enjoyable hectic.

    • Well, Ames, they always say training over summer could be easier because you can let them run about naked without a “safety net”! My little girl will use her “safety net” overnight nappy out of sheer laziness.

      Friday turned out ok. It was actually not mayhem but exhausting. Miss T was pretty easy most of the day and let me get on with baby duties when I had to. Phew! Let’s see what happens this week! Fingers crossed.

  5. I write my posts in word doc so I never lose the draft. Then I back my mac up, and back it up on cloud too. Paranoid hehehe.

    MiniMe screamed this morning to go to the toilet. I take it she’s almost ready for toilet training yay!

    • Kristyn, I should probably do the same with my posts but I do save regularly and even copy what I’ve written so I can paste it back, just in case. It’s just that WP on the web can be occasionally dodgy. I’d rather be paranoid than frustrated and forget what I wrote!

      Good to hear your little one is asking for the loo. That’s the first sign of readiness. Hope it happens quickly and smoothly for you. Ours has been a casual, long-drawn out process but we weren’t in any major hurry.

  6. Interesting to read about your toilet training sucess. I am starting to despair that it will never happen for our Miss A (3yrs and 3 mths old). She is not in the slightest bit interested. I have a feeling I will be encouraging this to be the ‘summer of toilet training’ (which I thought last summer was supposed to be!).

    Good luck with your mayhem!

    By the way, I prefer your new font size! 🙂

    • Hi Deb. Summer is supposed to be a good time to let them run about naked without the nappy “safety net”. That might be all the encouragement she needs. Maybe Miss A just wasn’t ready last year. Miss T is 2 years 7 months. I wanted to get her started at 2 years but with her sister just born, we put it off. In hindsight, she wouldn’t have been ready then.

      Thankfully, last Friday did not eventuate in mayhem but it was exhausting even doing simple things. It was consistent and full-on. Let’s hope this Friday goes well too.

  7. Urgh toilet training is one of my most disliked aspects of parenting. We are going through it now with a very stubborn & uncoperative little man! Sounds like you have done well. Good luck with them both. I’m not much of a routine person anymore but always like to have a rough plan for the day 🙂

    • Hi Nee. I wish luck back to you with your little man and toilet training. It will eventually happen. We weren’t in a major rush so kept it casual. We’ve been slowly introducing her to it all for months now. I know some people do it faster. She’s been dry all week so the next steps are overnight dryness. No rush there either.

      I like your description of a “rough plan”. I think that’s what you’d call what we do. I just can’t seem to be more efficient with time management so I never feel I can call my plans a “routine”. I hope to get better at it though. Eventually.

  8. Well done to Miss T – toilet training is just another one of those things that can be a piece of cake or a nightmare! We are taking a child led approach with our (just) 3 year old. She chooses wether she wants to wear her undies or a nappy during the day, but tends to successfully use the potty wearing either. Number ‘2’s’ are still a struggle! I figure we still have a few months before she starts 3 year old kinder, so I don’t want to rush it and make it too stressful for any of us.

    • Thanks, Skye. We have taken both a child-led and parent-led approach but try not to put too much pressure on her either way (most of the time). The toilet training still seems to be holding. She will get lazy in a nappy still but is usually wearing undies bar for naps and bedtime. She still needs to self-initiate more often but we are also learning to watch her signs too eg: she has asked for a nappy when she’s needed to go #2. That’s a sign we have to rush her to the toilet! Good luck with yours.

  9. I prefer this font size. Easier on the eyes.. hate it when I lose my blog post draft! Happens a lot when I’m using the Blogpress app on the iPhone. Not so much for iPad.. strange. Then I have to reconsider typing it all out again because the feelings just aren’t the same second time round. Plus, if it happens after a lengthy ranty post, I’m kinda tired haha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Thanks for the font feedback, Ai. I have to fiddle with my WP theme to get it bigger but that’s ok. It’ll become habit soon.

      I know how annoying it is to try and remember the post after it’s lost. Some people say it is better writing it the second time round but I don’t always find this to be the case. Sometimes I want to just give it up too! I’m otherwise a prolific saver but sometimes the apps just don’t cooperate, do they?

  10. I think toilet training was easy with the first five and has been so disturbingly hard with my last two. I think its different from child to child.

  11. I am dreading toilet training. I have to figure how it’s going to work with twins.
    I hate losing blog posts too. I save all of mine in a word doc now. Saves me the grief…

  12. With my first son I didn’t attempt any toilet training until he wanted his undies and go to the toilet, it was a fairly easy transition for us. He was 3 though and considered ‘old’ by some but I was determined to wait until he told us he wanted to. I am a routine girl too, I agree that toddlers are easier to deal with when they know what to expect.

    • Janelle, I think the child-led approach has a lot going for it. Even if you do take a parent-led approach, these little people won’t cooperate until they are fully ready, so it ends up child-led at some stage. We took a pretty casual approach with some prompting but it was probably mostly child-led.

  13. I like the font size, but then I am getting a little bit blind in my old age!

    I am a go with the flow toilet trainer. We are encouraging number 2’s on the loo at the moment as she’ll ask to have a nappy on for those and is toilet trained otherwise, apart from at night.

    My Miss A (3 and a bit) is home for 4 days, childcare for 3. We have activities on the Thursday and Friday morning and then usually chill out in the afternoon, which might mean watching a dvd or something, as she’s usually pretty tired after the days in childcare and she doesn’t have naps anymore. Hope you enjoyed your day.

    • Thanks for the font feedback, Lee. I have to fiddle with WP to get it there but it’ll become habit soon enough.

      We’ve had time to take the toilet training at a more casual pace so I guess you could say we’ve generally gone with the flow too. We still need to see her self-initiate more and then we work on night times. No rush though.

      Our Friday with Miss T went well but it was tiring. I might have to break it up and maybe chilling out in the afternoon might be a good idea. We’ll see how we go this week, and the following ones. We’ll then have to work out what we do after that for the long run especially when I’m supposed to return to work.

  14. My son took a while to completely toilet train (he was 4 before he was done) but we sort of forced my daughter who was nearing 3 at the time – we went on holidays and forgot to pack nappies. From then on, that was it (she had been practicing beforehand) and we never looked back! Not looking forward to doing it all again for my 18 month old when the time comes…

    Routine rules here – when routine is removed (like in school holidays) things are not so happy or content in our house!

    • It seems like they sometimes need a push. Like your daughter, Kirsty, we were getting tot he stage of realising she was using nappies as a safety net. Once we got her into the undies (willingly), then it changed things. I’m just hoping her little sister learns faster because she wants to copy big sis. We’ve got at least a year to go before we hit that stage.

  15. Toilet training is different with every child. MissE was out of nappies completely even at night by 2.5. MissS shes still in nappies and she is nearly 2.5 now. She is a bit lazy with it so i think she might need a different approach than with MissE. The strange thing is she will say she needs to go to the toilet to poo but once the undies go on she wees constantly. We have a routine here to a degree. We have to because otherwise it would be chaos & masterh still needs naps but at the same time were flexable. On the weekends especially the routine goes out the window and they all cope really well with it.

    • I know several of the toddlers in my old mother’s group were trained between 2 and 2.5 so I was hoping and waiting for our time. I was thinking she was getting a bit lazy but it just changed all of a sudden. I’m hoping her sister would just copy her in about a year’s time.

      We do have a sort of routine or pattern but I wish I was better with time management around it. We might just get bedtimes and nap times tighter if I was.

    • I wish she remained dry after sleep although she does for naps usually, just not overnight yet. We’re just going to take the final stages slowly and, on her cue, and I hope she doesn’t regress.

  16. We’re up to #3 and am much more relaxed about toilet training now. Mister J is now 3 and still not ready and I’m not pushing – despite eyebrow raising from the grandparents! He’ll do it when he’s good and ready like the other 2 did.

    • I’ve found things with a second child are more relaxed than with a first. Hopefully I’ll find that the case when Lil S is ready to toilet train too. I noticed that some of the older generation seemed to think my untrained 2 year old was a bit strange. Maybe it was normal to toilet train earlier a generation or two back. Maybe they got tired of washing cloth nappies. I might ask my mum!

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