Wordless Wednesday – She still loves colours

She still loves colours

She still loves colours - August 2011 vs January 2011

She still loves colours - October 2011

She still loves colours - October 2011


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Wordless Wednesday with Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love


46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – She still loves colours

  1. Awwwww. Gorgeous girls. Love the no shoes photo. That makes me feel better about all my lost battles trying to get Miss A to wear shoes.

    • Oh, she loves those shoes. Same style in two colours. She refuses to wear anything else. Trouble’s coming because they’re getting too small for her and I can’t find the next size up in the same colours!

    • I think it’s something about colours, Penny. They do something to our consciousness like black, white, grey, brown and other neutrals don’t. Kids too. I found I wanted to wear more colour after having kids. Go figure!

  2. Good luck with the coloured make up. My post today is on my girls using make up for an 80’s party on the weekend, with their cousins. Oh so much coloured eye shadow, the 80’s were rather abusive on colour!! Love Posie

    • I never quite know what colours to choose. It can be quite an expensive trial and error choosing ones that just don’t work on my skin tone. She’s not asked me yet, but if she wants to try, she’s mostly got a choice of three shades of purple and three shades of red!

  3. Haha! She looks entranced by them! I was a lover of colours and make up as a small girl – I loved seeing my Mum emerge from her bathroom all made up with beautiful bright 80s eyeshadows!!

    • It’s so funny, Daisy. Now that you say that, I realise I can’t remember my mother putting on her makeup when I was young. I did as an older teen and onwards. Maybe I was trying to be too much of a tomboy to notice!

    • I have problems with that too, Amy. I can be quite an expensive trial and error exercise. I could go with cheaper ones but you get what you pay for and that becomes even more expensive. That’s why I’ve pretty much got the couple of shades that seem to work for me. I do love so many others but when I try them at home, they just never seem quite right. The price of vanity!

    • I know, Tamara. That’s why I take photos almost every time because I just never know when she’s going to find her new little obsession. This one has lasted almost a year since before she was two. I’ll see how much longer it goes.

    • It’s funny you should say that, Jess. She is quite feminine in her choices and ways but not very girly. Maybe that’s my influence. I’m not into pinky, lacey, frilly, princesses, fairies and the like.

      And those shoes! She loves them to bits, literally. The velcro on the purple pair can’t really do up anymore so she’s taken to the green ones; daily. She refuses to wear anything else and I’ve had no luck so far finding them in a bigger size. I can see a potential tantrum coming in a month or so! (I hope not)

  4. oh I like those colours too! Miss M isnt allowed to wear nail polish to school so we dont get to have fun painting days.. next holidays I might get a couple of these bright ones though just for fun!! 🙂

    • You’re actually right! She’s going more to the bottles now an before. Holding off putting any on her for as long as I can, otherwise I imagine I’d never hear the end of it!

    • I know, Tat. I’ve seen her move through so many phases of fixation/interest already and she’s only 31 months. It was floral leis, then jewellery. Who knows what’s next?!

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