10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Thanks to Mama Grace, I am both feeling the bloggy love AND pressure to conjure up 10 things you didn’t know about me. You’d think that might be easy given I’ve not been blogging round these traps for long, but I know myself too well and can’t remember if I’ve revealed something before or not to at least one of you. If it seems so familiar then maybe I have, but maybe I just think I have because it’s so much a part of me, like my right hand. For a post like this, I should be digging out stuff from the deepest recesses that makes me go “Aha!” because then it is highly likely I haven’t shared that thing with any of you yet…..Okay, this brings me to my Número Uno and Nombre Deux points:

Analysis Paralysis
  1. I’m not succinct (love the sound of that word). Hubby is always telling me to stop waffling and padding things out and get to the point. So the next one is…….
  2. I analyse a little too much sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot. Ever heard of “Analysis Paralysis”? Yeah? That’s been me. But to my credit, I have been improving inch by inch over the years. That should be a lot of improvement given my age, but I’ve still a ways to go.
  3. I sometimes have a thirst for more than one type of drink at the same time, and I’m not talking alcoholic. For example I came home this afternoon with a hankering for coffee but also wanted to savour a pot of my delicious T2 Creme brûlée tea. While boiling the water for both of these, I thirsted after a quick refreshment of coke watered down with soda water. Yeah, I know I’m weird.
  4. Taking out 4th spot, Mama Grace’s feared number, and in response to her point 3, I have to admit I *can* eat chicken feet at yum-cha BUT I’m a lazy eater and can’t stand the bones, so don’t.
  5. However, following on from the above, I can NEVER eat boiled chicken feet or any boiled chicken skin!!!!!!!!! The thought of that chewy, fatty skin makes me gag. Even writing about it makes my stomach squirm. >>shudder<<
  6. AmpuleI still have some cute kiddy nick nacks I’ve collected from young. One of these is a tiny glass ampule I found on beach in Singapore many years ago. It had a few drops of liquid inside and I thought it was so cute. With the wisdom of hindsight, it’s probably a glass tube of left-over drugs or maybe a disease. Okay, I’m scaring myself now. It’s going to a new home in the medical hazards bin of my local pharmacy next time I pass by.
  7. Speaking of time, I pluck my white hairs, even though it increasingly now an exercise in futility (and I complain about a lack of time!). When I was in my early 20s, I said if I went grey quite young (since it runs in my mother’s side of the family) I would start dying my hair. Now, some xx years on, who’s to say what “young” is?! Gimme some hair dye!
  8. I have a Chinese middle name, which, in Mandarin, sounds a little like “bowling”.
  9. Each major stage of my schooling began in a different country; kindergarden in Singapore, primary school in Australia, high school in Singapore and university in Australia.
  10. Kenzo - Parfum d'Ete

    And finally, if you ever feel so inclined to buy me perfume, you need to know I only like light, fresh, and/or a slightly fruity or citrusy fragrances like Parfum d`Ete by Kenzo, Escada Sunset Heat, Origins Ginger Essence and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. Unfortunately, perfumes such as the Eternity, Opium and Chanel #5 give me an almost immediate headache. I think it must be the strong tones of neroli, patchouli and ylang ylang that do it to me. I don’t like those scents as essential oils either.

Okay, now it’s time to pass the baton onto five more bloggers to share what we don’t know about them. And the honour goes to:

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27 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I used to eat chicken feet when I was a kid. Not any more! I’ll have to take my time with my 10 things, you really took me by surprise 😉

    • Oh, there are lots of other things my hubby eats that I won’t like other innards. Yuck! No pressure, Tat, for the 10 things. Just if/when you have time. 🙂

  2. Wow ! What an international background you have !
    Thanks for sharing !
    And I hope you didn’t feel too much pressure, but more of the bloggy love 🙂

  3. I had to skip over anything related to eating chicken feet, cause that just grossed me out too much!

    I had trouble with my ten things too! For what it’s worth, your blogs are always ‘succint’ and never waffly. 🙂

  4. I used to be “able” to eat chicken feet {Or their classier name, Phoenix claws} but I cringe a lil when I see them now! I don’t know why!!

    Oh I’m living in Singapore btw 🙂 Nice to meet you..Is your Chinese name “Bolin” or “Baoling”?? :p

    • Hi Ai! Yes, they are a little cringe-worthy. Like my brother used to turn the chicken head away from facing him on the crispy chicken dish they usually serve in Asia for 10 course dinners. I’ve come by your blog a few times so I can see you are enjoying life in Singapore. I lived there for a total of about 9 years of my life and go back quite often since relatives still live there on my father’s side. As to my name, it’s Baoling. You guessed it.

  5. I can so relate to you about perfumes! Much like you, I only like the lighter fruitier ones. Anything else gives me a headache! So does incense… I could never be an incense burner even if I wanted to be one!

    LOL@number 6 – I hate to imagine what’s in it!

    And I can so totally relate to number 1&2 as well.. let’s be unsuccint and analyse it together! 😉

    (Yes it’s Deb from Wild Hope – I have a new home and new name though now!).

    • Hi Deb! Lovely to see you with your makeover! I was wondering what you’d been up to. I’ve added you everywhere now. I was actually thinking to tag you with 10 things but didn’t know if you were taking a break. Thanks for dropping by and getting to know me and some of my quirks better!

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    • It’s strange the things some of us keep. In digging out the ampule to discard, I also found a Swedish matchbox full of some chemical solid I think I made during Chemistry class in high school. It’s yellow and I think its made of sulphur. I don’t know why either.

  7. I love them!
    Chicken can be so gross. I’ve never had feet but I have had heart and I liked it.

    It’s weird what people keep from their childhood. I haven’t thrown out anything from my childhood, it’s all at my dad’s. For you know when I have kids….

    • Thanks! We all do weird things sometimes. I’m sure I would have kept more childhood nick nacks if we hadn’t moved country as often as we did. I know my parents threw a lot of it out each move. I remember some of it and wish I could get it back too. Ah well.

    • Hi Jocelyn. I am actually suffering analysis paralysis right now with some paperwork I should have finished ages ago. I think I just need to dive in! As to childhood stuff, we moved countries when young otherwise I’d have more “treasures” stored up. I never like to think of myself as a hoarder though, just sentimental. 😉

  8. I’m the same about perfume….Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is beautiful! It’s my absolute favourite scent 🙂 and I think the whole not succinct thing comes with the territory of being a woman- that’s what my husband thinks anyway! 🙂

    • Ah, another person with similar scent tastes! I don’t find it easy to track down such scents. Most new women’s scents seems to be of the other variety. On the other matter, my hubby would totally agree with yours.

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