Grateful for Online TV

In our BK (before kids) days, hubby and I had a long list of TV shows we used to watch on the large flat screen TV that he happily brought home one day (I can still hear myself asking him, when I came home that day, “What have you done?!”)

Then babies arrived just over two-and-a-half years ago and our days of evening TV programming went out the window. Now the TV is largely used by our toddler for ABC for Kids or daytime reruns for me whilst I’m on parental leave.

Hubby did keep recording some shows but I told him, after our hard drive reached capacity, that it wasn’t worth it and we’d never catch up. So we rationalised what we watched and ditched certain shows, such as the CSI franchise and it’s offshoots, Numbers, House, The Unit and more (some of these, I know, have since been axed).

But both of us still had a few favourites that we wanted to keep up with.

Enter, online TV! WooooooHoooooooo!

So today, I am grateful that many of our favourite shows are available online. I can now watch my favourite BBC period pieces, Doctor Who, Grand Designs and Midsomer Murders on ABC iView, The Mentalist, The Closer and Big Bang Theory on Channel 9’s FixPlay and Bones, Castle and How I Met Your Mother on Channel 7’s Plus7. And I can shop around for whatever else might take my fancy if I’ve the time.

I should also add that I’m also grateful ABC iView runs on the iPad as it’s helped entertain a restless toddler on more than one occasion (let’s say hundreds over the past year).

Does TV factor into your busy life? Do you watch more in real time or online? What are your must-see shows?


I’m linking with Jody at Lemon Rhodes for I’m Grateful for….. whilst Maxabella Loves takes a little break.


12 thoughts on “Grateful for Online TV

    • Don’t know why it took so long for Australia to get their act together with this but glad they did. I still remember the days when we would see shows at least 6 months after they were released overseas. Now everything is fast-tracked or online. Gee, I also remember the days some channels didn’t have overnight programming. >shudder< I feel old now.

  1. My TV time has cut down significantly since my daughter was born. Actually, I should say my personal TV time has cut down. It seems like the only TV I watch now are my daughter’s children’s shows. Nick Jr. is a favorite channel of hers.

  2. Online TV is great. I was recording my favourite shows, but I was so slow watching them that our playstation (playTv) crashed twice and deleted everything before I was finished. Now I stick to the episodes online.

    • Would you believe, Tat, that we still have some shows sitting on the hard drive from two years ago? I think there are a swag of episodes from House, The Unit and Numbers. I just started deleting them. We even have video tapes (what are those, again?) of the X-Files and a few other shows we never got round to watching. hubby has since bought either the DVDs or Blu-Rays. I keep telling him we should just throw the videos out. Maybe we’ll keep a few to show our kids what a video cassette was when they get older. Lol!

  3. I am so grateful for Online TV too! when we were on holidays with family Addison was addicted to Timmy Time but we wanted to watch normal shows and timmy time doesnt run all day, enter the lap top and wifi and Timmy Time on ABC iView. Its wonderful. even the other night I has her in the dining room watching Pepper Pig on the computer so I could keep an eye on her.
    I was like you, had to ditch all my shows, like all CSI’s, the mentalist, Numbers etc because i never got a chance to watch them – except when I was getting up at night to BF the kids but dont do that anymore so no point recording them.

    • You could take things one step further with Addison by getting and iPad and teaching her to find the shows herself! I still remember the feeling of pride and surprise when my toddler learnt to to that. She can’t quite work out the computer though and I’m not teaching her.

  4. Oh, I LOVE online tv, but I don’t bother with Australia’s online tv, I go straight to the American source so that I can get the tv shows as soon as they’re shown in the states. I have a massive list of tv I like to watch, and my hubby works a lot, so once the kids go to bed, the tv goes on while I get some exercise done and some blogging. My sanity saviour šŸ™‚

    • I didn’t know we could access international feeds. I’ve tried on occasion but not been permitted. In any case, my hubby’s pretty good at locating sources for things we’ve missed so I leave that job up to him. Even so, there is still a limit to what we can fit in given our girls sleep later than I’d like.

  5. The shows I like still are never on regular tv when I want, like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, so I have to either download them or wait 6 months for them to come on tv and I already know what is going to happen because I have read the spoilers. In saying that I haven’t sat down to watch much at all lately, hubby always has the remote.

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