Grateful for my Work

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I’ve been in the same office for many years. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’ve moved physical offices many times. I’ve had numerous managers. I’ve had some great times but in recent years, I’ve had a lot more challenging, frustrating, soul-sapping ones. Suffice to say, I have a love-hate relationship with my workplace.

So how does this lead to being grateful? It’s all about how I’ve chosen to look at it.

  • I’ve made some really good friends I would never have met if not for this job;
  • I have good camaraderie with my immediate team;
  • Through a terribly dark moment 5 years ago, I experienced a life-changing opportunity that I truly believe gave me the chance to finally have my family; and
  • I’ve been given amazing opportunities to meet and interact with people from all over the world, as well as travel to places I would never, otherwise, have ever seen. My travel experiences have left deep impressions on my life. In addition to places I’ve visited on my own accord over the years (such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, London, York, New York, San Franciso, Hawaii), work has led me to:

Norway (including the Northern Lights in the far north)
– Tromso, Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo

Sweden – Lund, Malmo

The Netherlands – Amsterdam, Leiden, Maaastricht,

Canada – Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

USA – specifically Salt Lake City, UT; San Diego, CA;
Santa Barbara, CA and Seattle, WA

Scotland – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling

Wales – Lampeter

United Kingdom – Bristol, Bath

Japan – Sendai, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto

Taiwan – Taipei

Can you say you are grateful for work, or the work you’ve done in the past?

Are you doing what you love or heading in that direction?


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13 thoughts on “Grateful for my Work

  1. It’s great you can look at the bright side of work. I’ve been in those situations before where I had a love-hate relationship with the office. Hopefully there will be more good days than bad days!

    • Well, since intend to stay there for the time being (it suits our personal circumstances and the benefits are really good), I *have* to make sure I look on the bright-side. 🙂 One of my team members even established an exclusive office club called “The Enjoy Your Life Foundation” to remind us that there is more to life than the frustrations of a challenging work environment. It’s actually made a real difference to my little team’s morale!

  2. Wow, I started writing a post like this a few weeks ago…then I talked myself into actually liking what I do! It sounds as though you’ve done some great travel through your job. That’s a good perk.

    I’m grateful for having a job that’s flexible so I can mostly be at home with the kids and I generally like what I do but it lacks challenge and change – two things I love. And it’s certainly not what I thought I’d be doing but if I think about it and change my view then it’s palatable!

    You’re so right though, it is all about perspective.

    • It *is* all about perspective, Kate. I’ve learnt to contextualise my situation both and home and work and find the compromise in my mind. It’s got great perks (though, sadly I don’t get to travel anymore) and one plus of being there so long is I know my role inside-out so I can spend more time and energy on my growing little family rather than stress over new work projects. Having said that, I do miss the challenge too but that’s probably another reason I’ve enjoyed throwing myself into blogging since June this year!

    • Hi Jody. I know. The travel was a really great opportunity. I didn’t always have it and since 2006, I haven’t travelled again. But I relish the few years I was given the opportunity to do so. It gave me lots of great memories and experiences and a better understanding of the people I work with on a daily basis (when I’m at work, that is).

      I have always worked full-time. I returned to full-time work last April after a year’s parental leave. The intention was it would be short-term until we had a second bub. I was only back 10 months before I was off again to deliver bub #2. At this stage, I don’t think I’ll be back full-time with two littlies. Who knows what’s going to happen. I have to make some serious decisions before March 2012! Though I am pretty sure there won’t be anymore work travel for me.

  3. Hi there, that was a huge amount of travel – what sort of work do you do that took you so far and wide. Amazing. But I can imagine it’s just far too hard with kids. My husband travels a fair bit with work, he just got back this morning after 2 weeks… the kids couldn’t handle both of us travelling… boo hoo… but holidays on Tuesday … hooray!!

    • Hi Seana. I work with international students at a local university so am always interacting within that context. I don’t travel anymore due to a change in operations but I don’t think I would find it easy with two littlies now. I think it’ll just be personal family travel in future. But even though the circumstances have changed, I still want to see the world and learn about other cultures. Can’t get rid of that wanderlust!

  4. It sounds like you are lucky to have work you can say you are grateful for or should I say, you are creating your own luck by focusing on the positives. I have my regrets about that, I let a negative person in my immediate surrounding influence my attitude towards my jobs (twice). It didn’t get me anywhere i wanted to be.

    • Hi Tat. You are right about focusing on the positives. It has inherent rewards but my dark moment at work really opened my eyes to how I view work and life and was the impetus for me to look at a better work-life balance and change my thoughts about the place. I suppose some people leave when they get unhappy (and I pondered it) but I chose to stay and change aspects of work and my life around it. I’m glad it’s worked for me. Can’t say I’ll stay there forever because it has been a long time. I am keen for new challenges and motherhood has brought a new option. The next challenge with that is what we can afford to do!

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