Wordless Wednesday – Let the Rolling Begin

Tummy crunches

Happy to do tummy crunches for a gander


Newfound incentive to roll perhaps?

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.
Wordless Wednesday


34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Let the Rolling Begin

    • Hi Denyse. Thanks. It took her a little while to start rolling but I think she finally got to frustrated at not moving. Problem is it’s mainly one way. Now she’s frustrated at getting stuck!

    • Thanks, Deb. I’m amazed at how much it happening all at once. I guess two years is a long time to forget all that happens as they hit 6 months. I could almost swear she’s also saying “Mum, mum, mum, mum”!

    • Thanks, Deb. She’s just got to learn to roll back now. She’s gone from the frustration of not moving much to the frustration of not knowing how to roll back once she’s rolled!

    • Hi Courtney. She hasn’t yet figured out how to keep rolling, but even as I’m trying to catch up on comments and blog reading, she’s slowly been moving backwards on her belly from where I left her, creeping as you’d say, so it won’t be long before she will be somewhere other than where I left her!

    • Hi Sif. Well, I think the bub is a tiny bit less frustrated than before. She can shimmy and creep a bit. I know Miss T is thrilled when her sister rolls so that’s fun for her!

  1. I love that our little people are so close in age! Ben is dying to get himself rolling, and he’s so close! Isn’t it scary that even at this age they are mesmerised by the tv! Have fun rolling little one! Hope the naps are getting better for you.

    • Hi Julie. I didn’t think this one would roll either till all of a sudden she did it about six times in one day. She just hasn’t figured out how to roll back yet. I wonder if she’ll go from here to crawling, as her big sister did, or roll to get about, like a friend’s little girl did instead.

    • Thanks. I know what you mean though. She’s still pretty immobile because she can’t roll endlessly yet but I know it’s a matter of time. She’s stronger at propping herself up and I’ve seen her slowly creep backwards in that position. So the moving has indeed begun!

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