Two days of family milestones

Over these past couple of days, our family reached some interesting milestones.

Hubby had a birthday yesterday. It’s a half-a-decade milestone birthday. It’s half-way to a number neither of us is yet ready to think about. It also marks about 15 years, almost to the day, that we met. I can’t believe it’s gone that fast. We only married six-and-a-half years ago and we only started our family two-and-a-half years ago. I think it’s the recency of these milestones, both of which have taken our shared life onto new forks in the road, that makes me forget that our original adventure began that long ago.

Missing MummyMy baby, Lil S, was 6 months old yesterday. She is starting to come into her own as a person. I can’t quite pin my finger on her personality yet but she seems to generally be happy and fairly easy-going.

She showers us with smiles that melt our hearts. She also loves to bury her head in our shoulders after a smile, coyly, shyly. She loves mooshing her face up against mine as if to shower me with kisses. It is very adorable.

She seems to understand our little sleep routine. I sing our special song, sign ‘sleep’ and she laughs at me each time. Hmmmm. Sometimes after I leave her giggling, she might babble until she falls asleep, although sometimes she just needs a good old cuddle or feed to help her drift off into dreamland.

Speaking of sleep, she’s still a bit of a cat napper but can settle to sleep more often than her sister ever did at the same age. She now loves sleeping on her side.

Finding her footAfter thinking she was never really going to get into the rolling thing, she started rolling a lot about a week ago and hasn’t stopped since. Needless to say, the rolling is starting to mess up sleep.

It looks like she’s just now discovering her feet and toes. It helps that she’s not needing socks as much with the weather warming up.

I love how she twirls her hand from side to side at the wrist to inspect it. She still gets cross-eyed doing it. She even does it as she feeds sometimes.

She went through a stage of sucking her thumb to sleep. Her sister didn’t take to any such comforts so it was very cute to see her find her own self-soothing technique. She stopped that abruptly about a month ago. I miss my cute little thumb sucker.

TeethingLately she’s started up again with the thumb in her mouth but that’s because she’s teething. On the weekend I noticed a little white bump under her gum. I am already feeling the loss of her gummy smile. I know its because I really missed the gummy smile when her sister got her first teeth. I never expected to have that feeling then. I now know what is to come so I’m trying to compensate with as many photos as I can get of her mouth and smile.

As I’ve watched her grow from newborn to baby, I’ve noticed the little physical features or flaws that are unique to her and they are all on the right-hand side of her body.

She has a tiny little white hair growing from the top of her right ear. Her right ear lobe is more like daddy’s, attached, while her left is more like mine, unattached. She has a little dimple in her cheek, like her daddy. She has a little oval-shaped grey birthmark on the inside of her right wrist. The fourth toe on her right foot is aligned slightly out of kilter with the rest of her toes.

SistersThis little girl has had a privilege neither I, her daddy, nor her big sister had; that of being a younger sibling. And she seems to love it. She watches her big sis quite intently and often bursts into smile when she sees her and laughs too, especially when she hears her favourite songs which are “The Alphabet Song” and “What’s the Name of that Song”.

We didn’t know if we would ever have this little one in our lives. We see her as our natural miracle, our extra special blessing.

My toddler, Miss T, turns two-and-a-half today. I love my girls equally but I can’t helping feeling that there is something special about a first born.

We didn’t know if we would ever have children. In the end she was our medically-assisted miracle, the strongest, toughest embryo who made it, the only one of 6 potential children to survive.

iPad TimeShe amazes me almost every day with her speech. Being our first child, we had no comparisons. It was childcare who alerted us to her advanced ability to talk and comprehend about a year ago. She hasn’t stopped since. Last night she asked hubby, who cooked dinner. After he confirmed it was me, she turned to me and said, “Thank you, mummy, for dinner”.

We were amazed the first time we found ourselves having a conversation, a negotiation even. It was over a red and yellow teddy bear in KMart. Negotiations have gone on ever since. We usually “win”; sometimes she does.

She’s a whizz on the iPhone and iPad playing with kiddy apps, watching videos we’ve uploaded for her and navigating ABC iView to watch shows from ABC Kids. She recently learnt how to take photos too.

She’s known her numbers for a little while, pretty well up to 10, but a bit more patchy to 20. Lately, she’s been able to recognise them too. She’s also starting to recognise the alphabet.

PJsShe loves dancing and singing, especially for her baby sister. She especially loves when I hold her baby sister and all three of us dance together; like to the ending credits from the movie “Tangled”. Apart from the usual kiddy musical fare, she’s become a Take That fan. She even knows all the band members names. My bad.

It’s becoming very difficult to dress her. She has a mind of her own and rejects most of the outfits I choose. So we let her use the stool and dig through what she wants to wear. This includes wearing regular clothes to bed. Sometimes she surprises us with her decisions so we wonder if she’s started to do this because of the morning TV rule, which is no TV till after breakfast, brushing her teeth AND getting dressed!

She’s not the best of eaters, in that I wish she’d eat more healthier food but at least we’re on a veggie winner with carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. It just means we eat them almost every night. And though we limit these, she loves “hocolate” (my bad) and hot chips (hubby’s bad).

Bedtime Nick NacksAlmost every night, she asks for cuddles, often “two cuddles”, before she goes to sleep with bed full of her favourite nick nacks of the moment. Last night it was the green sheep. Other nights it’s been Dorothy, PlayMobil animals, toy food, coloured cloths, flower lei, plush piggy, rubber bands, ribbons, crayola markers, and so on and so forth.

Most beautifully, she loves her sister, sings to her, kisses and cuddles her, reads to her, dances for her. I sure hope this bond makes them great friends in years to come.

I truly feel so blessed. These two days are just a reminder of how blessed I really am.


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18 thoughts on “Two days of family milestones

  1. Awwwww. Beautiful post about your beautiful family. I love reading your blog as your family is a similar age and stage as mine (though, my eldest has just turned 3). She is also very particular about what she will wear and Tangled has been played a million times in the past few weeks!

    Have a great day.

    • Thanks, Lee. I don’t post really regularly but I’m glad you are enjoying my little stories. Yes, Miss T always wants to watch the bit in Tangled “where Rapunzel cut her hair” so we skip ahead to that part and without fail, she always asks “why Rapunzel cut her hair”. Then she wants us to go back to the beginning after that. Funny how they ask the same questions despite having us say the same answers every time. As to clothes, I’ve decided not to buy things for her that can’t be returned or else to bring her with me when we shop. Having said that, it doesn’t mean she can make up her mind once we are in the store either! Appreciate your visits to my blog!

  2. What a lovely family you have, and how beautiful it is that you observe your children’s idiosyncrasies so attentively! My Mr2 (he’ll be three next month) absolutely ADORES the iPad. I have to admit after never letting my other three play with computer consoles of any kind, I can’t help but marvel at the youngest and let him have the iPad a little bit each day when they’re at school – he is completely versed in how to use it already – though he likes to group my apps, so I often spend part of my evenings ungrouping them again, LOL.

    • Thanks Sif. Hubby is a tech-geek so it’s hard to not have computer stuff around. But we do talk about how to try and manage her access and it’s probably just going to get more challenging as she gets older. It is such a different world than what we grew up in, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Jocelyn. I’m trying to remember and note the little quirks. I feel I let too much of the days zip by as it is so I want to try and pay attention. Not always easy when there are so many other mundane things to do on a daily basis! So far the teething hasn’t caused too many dramas but who knows what’s to come. I hope it goes as smoothly as it did for my toddler who barely suffered from it. Fingers crossed!

  3. Aww thank you for sharing those milestones with us!! Loved reading about your girls and your obvious love for them! I totally get what you mean when you say you love all your children equally but there is something special about a firstborn. Funnily enough I always reasoned the “difference” being that Roo was born on her own so got that special place all to herself and the twins have always had to share! They all have a special little place but Roo’s was the first!!

    • Thanks Daisy! I can see why you thought Roo’s solo birth made her “different”. I probably would have done the same if I were you. I guess first borns have both the the honour of our primary attention and initial love but they are also our guinea pigs as new parents!

  4. It’s tough being a Mum sometimes, but it’s good. It’s easy to lose track of time and have your days run into one another, but it’s important to remember the milestones. You have a lovely family.

    • Hi Robyn. Yes, I sure feel my days running into each other. The routine is almost identical (except on weekends) and filled with mundane (though not necessarily boring) activities. And yet before I know it, it’s Friday again and my baby is 6 months already. It’s kind of nice not having a huge mapped out plan for the future, whilst managing with a young bub, but some days I think I need one before 6 years have passed and I wonder what’s happened!

    • Hi Jess. Yes, the bub was born the day before my toddler’s 2nd birthday. I was hoping she’d hold off till the day after so Miss T’s birthday was always first, but, hey, when they gotta come out!

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