Two(!) 31 Day Photo Challenges – August 2011

Being a sucker for punishment creative juices junkie, I decided to join two photo challenges for August. Clicking on the images will open a larger version. I hope you enjoy the photos.

2011 Aug Flickr Photoaday

Flickr August 2011 in Photos Topics

Day 1. Self-portrait
Day 2. Texture
Day 3. Candid shot
Day 4. Candlelight
Day 5. Architecture
Day 6. Opposites
Day 7. Rusty
Day 8. Serenity
Day 9. Out your window
Day 10. Where you sleep
Day 11. Glass
Day 12. Heart(s)
Day 13. Strength in nature
Day 14. Creams and whites
Day 15. One of your collections
Day 16. Shadows
Day 17. Stripes
Day 18. Something you ate today
Day 19. Feet
Day 20. Looking up a street
Day 21. Graphics in your city/town
Day 22. Sparkle
Day 23. Needs improvement
Day 24. Close-up
Day 25. Where you are at 6:00pm
Day 26. Vegetable(s)
Day 27. Your front door
Day 28. The weather today
Day 29. Pattern
Day 30. A noisy moment
Day 31. A quiet moment

2011 Aug TinaGray Photoaday

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Day 1: Anything – The dawn view from my window
Day 2: Something that makes me smile – my girls together
Day 3: Something that I collect – pins for a cause – Jeans for Genes Day
Day 4: Something that stresses me out – clutter
Day 5: A cup I drank from today – Supporting World Breastfeeding Week
Day 6: Someone who inspires me – My girls; to be a better person
Day 7: A picture of my phone
Day 8: What I had for lunch today
Day 9: Shoes
Day 10: A product I use in my hair
Day 11: My pet – Dug from “Up”
Day 12: A sneak picture I took out and about
Day 13: Nature
Day 14: Somewhere I Went Today
Day 15: A device that I own but never use – just opened after 10 months
Day 16: Something that makes me sad
Day 17: Something I have too much of and is taking unnecessary space – hubby’s cables
Day 18: Something I’m currently borrowing – on permanent loan after 15 years
Day 19: Something I don’t have much of – new clothes
Day 20: A stuffed doll/animal that I own – Big Toby Bear
Day 21: Something from my bathroom
Day 22: Something sweet
Day 23: A book I’ve been reading – only time for toddler’s books
Day 24: Something I shouldn’t have bought, but did anyways
Day 25: A souvenir from a vacation
Day 26: Something that means a lot to me – family bracelet
Day 27: My handwriting
Day 28: Something purple – my daughter’s shoes
Day 29: Something in my fridge
Day 30: Me


5 thoughts on “Two(!) 31 Day Photo Challenges – August 2011

    • Thanks Tina. I guess, as I said, I’m a little addicted. It helps give me a framework for practising. Else I get s bit lazy and predictable in how and what I shoot. It’s also good to get me learning how to use my DSLR better. I’m a real novice there. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of it.

    • No, Maria, I’m not a professional photographer. Not even sure you could call someone who’s mainly been using an iPhone an amateur either. But I do like the creative process with photography and I am starting to finally learn how to use the DSLR in manual a little more. Otherwise the photos in these series were primarily taken using an iPhone and the Instagram app with its filters. Who knows, maybe I can make something of it one day. Thanks for dropping by.

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