Wordless Wednesday – Rainbows and Hope

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Joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.


63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Rainbows and Hope

    • They are not easy to come by but so amazing to see when they do appear. I hope one day to see a second bow almost as vibrant as the main one. That would be a REAL sight. Thanks for dropping by.

    • I totally agree. Lake George is fascinating. How often does it really have any water in it? I’m always looking out for some whenever I come by that way. I think I recall some years ago before the more recent severe droughts. I loved the rainbows over that flat piece of land. Thanks for visiting.

    • I know! I found the other set of rainbow pics this WW too. They are lovely. I have very fond memories of the ones in Hawaii which happen so often the locals said they called them”liquid sunshine”. I also vividly remember the stormy day in the UK that led to the rainbow over that beautiful old building. I love my travel memories which photographs help to recall. Thanks for visiting.

    • Thanks. My daughter watched a Peppa Pig episode where they were all chasing the end of the rainbow for the treasure. I remember sort of doing that as kids on a country drive somewhere over extremely hilly land. It was fun watching the end of the rainbow hop from distant hill to more distant hill as we drove along.

    • I like the London one too. I was visiting that beautiful university and got caught in a thunderstorm. I was stunned at the gorgeous rainbow that eventuated. I only wish I had a better camera at the time. Thanks for visiting.

    • Double rainbows are amazing. You may already know this, but I learnt a new fact recently that double rainbows are reflections of each other ie: the colours are reversed in the outer one. If you like images, there are some amazing double rainbow shots in Google images. Thanks for visiting.

    • I know. Will do a short photo series of the bridge soon. I’ve shots with the rainbow, sunsets, lightning, the red haze a year back. It makes s great backdrop. Thanks for visiting.

    • Me too. If you really want a rainbow fix, there are some brilliant images via Google images. You can double your joy with double rainbow images and even diversity with moonbows. Yes, “moonbows”. They are quite fascinating. Thanks for dropping by.

    • They are lovely, aren’t they. I mentioned to someone else that you can get a good rainbow fix from Google images – rainbows, double bows, moon bows. All beautiful. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Having children now, they remind me how to appreciate life and discoveries through the eyes of a child. I look forward to sharing rainbows with them and seeing the smile and wonder on their faces. Thanks for visiting.

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