Wordless Wednesday – New York New York

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Inspired by the buzz of BlogHer 2012 in NewYork City, and joining in Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.


42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – New York New York

    • Thanks. My pics don’t even really do justice to experiencing the real thing. I can see you’ve gotten around yourself. I am sure you’ll get there. And consider adding Norway on your list of destinations, especially the north eg: Tromso. The city is beautiful and the Northern Lights breathtakingly spectacular!

    • It is an amazing privilege to have had the chance to travel. I know I feel enriched by it. New York is one of my all time favourite places. It *is* busy, crazy, exciting, overwhelming all at once. I felt especially overwhelmed the first visit but have been back twice since and just felt excited. It’s so full of so much culture. I hope to get back one day.

    • It’s an amazing vibe. Truly is. My pictures don’t do the place justice as there is so much to see, so many fascinating people to watch and much shopping to be done. Thanks for visiting.

    • You might need to find sponsors quickly. I think the excitement for BlogHer 2012 is going to create a lot of competition! But then that groundswell of interest might result in many more willing sponsors that normal – international exposure. Fingers crossed!

  1. Well if Blogher is in NYC next year then I definitely need to go! I recognize a lot of the photos, I use to live near the one with the big black and white DKNY ad painted on the building.

  2. Oh I love New York – spent two weeks there in February 2008 and I still miss it every single day. It’s strange, but I felt more at home there than anywhere I’ve ever been.

  3. I first went to NYC when I was 21. Have been back a number of times since. It is, hands down, my favourite city in the world to visit. I really really love it, in such a deep, connected way. I never thought I could love a place, like I love a soul mate. New York does that to me.

    • I’ve visited three times since 1999 and I’d always go back. I kinda get what you mean. It’s a place that gets under your skin. I feel connected in a small way too. I stayed there only 2 weeks the first visit but a month each subsequent visit. Not quite living like a local, but almost. It’s so vibrant, diverse, fascinating, full of activity and offerings to keep you busy and so easy to get around too. London would probably be my other “must revisit” place. Thanks for visiting me for some New York memories!

    • I do love road trips too. I miss the thrill of the one hubby indulged me with 4 years ago – driving on a trek to visit the towns in SA and VIC where my mother’s ancestors settled. *That* was an *amazing* road trip! But I’d just as happily get on a plane to visit the world again. One day, when the kiddies are older.

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