Maybe Quotation by John Green


Maybe I’m anti-social

Liking my own company.

Maybe I’m a control freak

Liking my own routine.

Maybe I’m ungracious

Not able to see beyond myself.

Maybe I’m selfish

Liking things my way.

Maybe I’m all these things.

Maybe it’s just because I’m human.


Just maybe,

I am imperfect, after all.

Inspired by an unexpected moment that caught me off guard……

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Have you had any unexpected revelations lately? Care to share?

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5 thoughts on “Maybe

    • I like to think I’m fairly easygoing and kind person but today, someone got really deep under my skin. I was a bundle of intense emotions which I tried to put a finger on, to see if I could reason it all away and that’s how these words came to be. It’s one of those times where the heart reacts before the head, when I realise I’m not being that kind and easygoing (“perfect”?) person I think I am. Instead, the “ugly me” is taking hold and I’m battling against myself to contain it.

  1. I get the whole thing about being a control freak, when you like routine. My dad calls me that all the time.
    It’s all about context really. If you can’t ever change it says more about who you are, than what you like.

    Thamka for linking up

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