Monday Monday, don’t wish your life away….

As with many others, I’ve become quite partial to the beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes on Pinterest and We ♥ It. I thought these two were good for a Monday.

Mondays to Fridays to Mondays again


Enjoy Life Don't Wish it Away


I know if I was still at work instead of on parental leave, the first image would truly sum up how we’d all feel trudging into the office. But a wise person once said to me that to wish for the weekend again was to wish one’s life away and I never forgot that.

Be in the moment. Savour the moment. Treasure the moment.

Happy August, last month of winter.

Wishing you all a great week!

How do you feel when Monday rolls around?


2 thoughts on “Monday Monday, don’t wish your life away….

  1. Oh yes! Lovely words! Monday is more like our Tuesday here, as Pal works every Sunday. I had an awful Monday today, and just as I was about to write it off something great happened! So yes, we mustn’t wish our days away!

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