31 Day Photo Challenge – July 2011

After suffering withdrawal symptoms from the June’s 30-day Photography Challenge, I had to leap into a new photo challenge. I found the July 2011 in Photos on Flickr. Clicking on the thumbnails below will bring you to a larger image. I hope you enjoy the photos.

2011 July Photoaday on Flickr

Day 1: Your breakfast
Day 2: Something you’re passionate about
Day 3: Where you went today
Day 4: Red, white and blue
Day 5: In your refrigerator
Day 6: Something sweet
Day 7: Bold bright colours
Day 8: The sky
Day 9: A summer necessity
Day 10: Orange and pink together
Day 11: Something you made
Day 12: What makes you smile
Day 13: Beverages
Day 14: What you wore
Day 15: On your coffee table
Day 16: Dinner tonight
Day 17: Transportation
Day 18: A mess
Day 19: Books
Day 20: Today’s mail
Day 21: Smells good
Day 22: Best part of today
Day 23: Guilty pleasure
Day 24: Something red
Day 25: Growing
Day 26: Where you are at 6:00pm
Day 27: A corner of your home
Day 28: Can’t get enough of
Day 29: What you did today
Day 30: Friend(S)
Day 31: Self-portrait


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

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