Of Bubs, Baking and Beauty

It’s been two weeks; of living with the winter bugs and their remnants and being pretty much apartment bound due to that and Sydney’s downpours. Each day’s kind of flowed quickly into the other, a bit like all that rainwater down the drains. But there have been a few standout moments and reflections……….

  • I know I keep forgetting my toddler is still very, very young. We have some
    amazing conversations and negotiations where she spews forth vocabulary
    that surprises me, or she’ll do something that seems so “mature”. Then a
    few minutes later, she’ll throw a tantrum, talk gibberish or run about naked
    just before her bath giggling her head off. And I’m so abruptly reminded,
    that she is a mere 28 months old.
  • I know that in a mere week, my baby will be 5 months old, a month shy of
    6 months, almost half a year old. Argh! It’s going FAST!

  • I know that I’ve become a baking addict but with only 2.5 people at home,
    chances are I’ll eat way more than I should and never shift the jelly-belly.

  • I know that lighting a scented candle always boosts my mood.

  • I know that beautiful images lift my spirit and make my heart sing.

Has this past week been an eye-opener for you?

I’m flogging my blog with Where’s My Glow’s FlogYoBlog Friday (FYBF) and playing Things I Know with Daisy, Roo & Two who is covering for Shae from Yay for Home! while she’s at Blogopolis.



20 thoughts on “Of Bubs, Baking and Beauty

  1. I know exactly what you mean with your little girl being such a baby yet so big! Roo is 31 months (not much difference between her and your girl) and sometimes she seems so grown up – and at other times throws a massive tantrum outside of the place we are about to eat lunch, and falls asleep in the car on the way home!

    • I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how her sister develops with a big sister already on the scene. I think there’ll be many more surprises and tantrums too, in time.

    • They do go so fast. I’ve already posted a couple of times on this topic. I guess that’s why it’s so important for us to learn to live in the moment……and take lots of photos and video!

  2. Kids do grow up all too quickly. My baby is now 15 months old and is definitely more toddler than baby now 😦 I wish I was motivated to bake – your treats look so very delicious – I could easily enjoy one of those with a cuppa right now!!!

  3. Isn’t it funny how our toddlers can seem so wise and mature one minute and then so age appropriately hard to deal with the next?!

    Beautiful images lift my spirit too.. been meaning to get on to Pinterest but know it will suck all my (nonexistent) time! Just discovered your blog tonight – lovely!

    • Yes, we’ve had a few more toddler moments this weekend. They sure keep us on our toes!

      I think I’ve only realised in the past few months how much I really love beautiful images so am really working it. Pinterest is fun but can be time-consuming. I just hop on when I have an inspiration to explore (eg: pathways) and try not to stay too long.

      Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you’ll come back

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