The Boggling World of Blogging

Boggle by therichbrooks

When I contemplated starting this blogging gig, I did what any anal-retentive person with perfectionist tendencies would do; I researched and researched and researched the heck out of it. I spent time reading blogs. Lots of blogs. I reactivated my Twitter account and I lurked. Yes, I was “that” person. I read articles by some of you stars of the blogosphere about what it was, how to do it, when to write, how often to write, where it could lead, sponsored posts, money, stats, spam, trolls. Then there’s self-hosted or not, there’s ads or not, there’s your niche, your brand, how to get readers, commenting, Facebook pages, Twitter, photos, copyright, coding, techie stuff, now Google+, and so on and so forth.

The more I read, the more my mind swirled. What *was* I getting into? How could I make my blog inviting, interesting, funny, entertaining, professional, attractive, ie: basically “perfect”, from day dot? This endless search for perfection was really an ignoble form of procrastination which, in my experience, would only ever birth regret.

The two main reasons I wanted to try my hand at blogging were to write as a creative outlet and to find my sliver of real estate in this fascinating community of mummy bloggers. Suddenly I was, and totally unexpectedly, learning that it seemed to involve so much more, and I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be “ready” to launch.

“BLOGGING”. Take out the “L”, shift it down 4 letters and you’ve got “BOGGLING”. That’s kind of how I started to feel. Then I realised, as I’ve had to learn a lot in my life, that I have to drop the analysis paralysis and just dive in, or, as Nike stated it so succinctly, “Just do it!” I went back to basics, to the core reason why I wanted to do this, and just started.

And as I have, I’ve been able to work towards my two key goals, bit by bit.

I’ve started writing, started creating, and know it can only evolve. Will it ever be news-worthy or become a book? Will I gain tens of, hundreds of, or even thousands of followers? I don’t know, but that’s okay with me.

I’ve also found a tiny share in a large community of women who, despite where everyone has come from, how successful their blogs are, how small or how large their following, seem really friendly and willing to help an NKOTB – new kid on the block (ok, showing my age!)

I’m still really trying to find my feet, but I can tell that’s okay if the following articles by some very established mummy bloggers are anything to go by:

I’ve realised that what counts is giving it a go and trying. A lesson I’ve been attempting to teach my toddler. And what better way to teach her than by example!


By the way, if you’re new to blogging too and want to learn more about the ABCs of getting a successful blog, there are some great articles on the Mummy Bloggers Blog. You can then spring off into the blogs of some of those article writers to find out more.

As a blogger did you find it easy to start or did you have to weigh it all up carefully before diving into the unknown? I’d love to hear your experiences.


10 thoughts on “The Boggling World of Blogging

  1. I’m glad you took the leap 🙂

    It’s too easy to get caught in the endless extrapolations of blogging at the moment, and it can be very overwhelming.

    My golden rule for myself is ‘am I having fun?’. It applies to PR stuff, social media and blogging itself. And if the answer is no then I’m doing it wrong 😉

  2. I so get what you mean. I remember when I started and three people read my blog. After a while I calmed down and like you, I write mainly for me and sometimes as a bit of a record for my kids and to remind myself what life was like at certain points.
    On a humorous note I tried switching to self hosting on wp recently and lets just say it didn’t work for me. So I’ve worked out what I’m comfortable with and stick with it. Loved reading this post and the boggle analogy.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂 I really like your blog, BTW. I’m still forming exactly how I want this blog to go but right now it’s a mix of mummy stuff, me stuff, kid stuff and odds and ends. Who knows what the tomorrow brings (feel like bursting into song!).

  3. I started blogging my photos about 4 years ago, only till this year I discovered pr and the community of mummy bloggers etc, it has made me put more effort into my blogging, still not sure anyone much has noticed but it’s fun anyway!

    • That’s the idea, isn’t it. Someone else said, as long as it keeps them happy and you’re having fun. I will try to remember that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. For me, I started blogging as a journal for my children. I wanted them to have a little bit of me in case something ever happened to me. It was also about creating memories. It’s kind of evolved a little with me getting involved in the blogging community. But I’m trying really hard not to get hung-up on followers or stats, and I don’t think I’m that keen on advertising (at the moment). I’m constantly trying to figure out how to keep the real me in there. I guess my motto at the beginning is that I was doing this for my kids, and if it ever got to the point where it wasn’t good for me (or them by extension) then I’d stop. It was supposed to be a creative outlet, fun- and if it ever stops being that then why would I want to blog?

    • Thanks for sharing, Robyn. I started a separate journal (which has been languishing) to record my children’s memories and must admit, am torn about where to put the writings, how detailed I want to be online, etc. etc. I do enjoy the medium of blogging very much rather than journalling in a word document, though.

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