Things I know This Week – Of Sickness, Chocolate and Parenting Skills

This post has been inspired by Things I Know This Week  from Shae’s of Yay for Home!

So what *do* I know this week?

  • Being sick sucks.
  • Seeing your kids sick really sucks, especially the baby.
  • The whole household being sick sucks big time!
  • Being a chocoholic must be a transmissible addiction, if my toddler and I are anything to go by. I can get my toddler to try or do almost anything if chocolate is at the end of it!
  • My post-pregnancy jelly-belly is being maintained by Lindt Swiss Gold Milk Chocolate. (This is not a sponsored comment!)
  • I thought I was coping pretty well with both a baby and 2 year old in the house until my sick toddler had to stay home from childcare. I guess having her at childcare 5 days a week has truly been a luxury, even if I have justified it by not wanting to disrupt her routine with a new baby in the house and that she loves being there with her friends.
  • My baby’s growing so fast. This past week she’s started to deliberately grab objects and pull them to her face. She’ll probably be rolling soon.

Has this past week been an eye-opener for you?


13 thoughts on “Things I know This Week – Of Sickness, Chocolate and Parenting Skills

    • I hope so too. FIngers crossed. But this has been the 3rd bug in a row for me, at least, whilst my toddlers always got something underlying. Blame childcare! 😉

  1. Isn’t it funny, how your kids being sick seems more upsetting to us than the them? Most of the time they just keep on keeping on, but it’s me that gets worried and upset on their behalf….

    • Yes, they usually do keep on going though I think my toddler is cottoning on to some of the extra “benefits” of sickness like a bit more tv, a lolly with her medicine since it tasted foul (ala Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar), lots of mummy time. Let’s see how getting her back to childcare goes next week!

  2. I’m nodding my head at all these – the sickness (especially babies, yes!), the chocolate (and the jelly belly!) and the child care. LOL!!
    I think Ella’s two days in child care help enable me to be more “present” when she is home. Plus, I need my sanity days! 😉

    • Sickness is such a pain. I do not recall ever getting so many cold/flu bugs as I did once my toddler started childcare. Then she ended up with a perpetual snotty nose. With her being at home, I realised today that the only times I had to myself were bathroom breaks and their nap times. “Me time” is so important, if one can squeeze it in!

  3. I hope you and your babies are feeling well soon! And if I could put Roo in more than one day of childcare on our budget, I totally would. I don’t think you need to justify that at all 🙂

    • Thanks. Am trying to soak up as many healthy vibes as possible. It’s funny about childcare though….my mum looked after four of us. Childcare wasn’t an option. Sometimes it feels like a luxury, then a necessity; both for me. Then when I think about her, at least I know she’s learning a lot there and that’s why we’ve stuck with it whilst the budget allows.

  4. My 3 year old has been on holidays from kinder and I have really missed having those 3 hours a day without him. AND we’ve been sick too so it’s been even more painful! here’s to a healthy start to next week for all of us. Hope she’s feeling well enough for childcare.

    • I do feel a bit guilty about it but I suppose it’s like anything with children; it’s what you are used to and what you have to get used to. Without kids you are used to independence. With kids, you get used to squeezing in what “me” or “chores” time in where you can. And throwing in other variables like sickness churns it all up even more. It might be a nice change to have her home more often if she weren’t sick, like this past week. Anyway, that may become a reality soon. Here’s to a clean bill of health for all of us next week! Chin Chin!

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