Round and round and round I go

Roundabout by Mark Smith

Roundabout by Mark Smith (markds)

It never feels like there are enough hours in the day. So I burn the candle at both ends under the fog that 4 months of sleep deprivation creates. Laundry, dishes, nursing, Facebook, settling, eating, cleaning, blog surfing, cooking, nursing, Twitter, settling, some tv, tea break, nursing, Pinterest, play, settling, Instagram, maybe a walk, maybe some baking, maybe some errands, and on and on. I hang onto this daily roundabout for dear life as I spin faster and faster.

I’m trying to recall whether I juggled much better when I was working full-time with a toddler at childcare and pregnant? Hmmm…….

My toddler loves spinning. All little kids seem to. And I always marvel at how much pleasure she gets from this simple activity, going round and round in fits of laughter until she stops, teetering, then giggles again as she falls in a heap on the ground. It brings me back to the scene from the 1989 comedy Parenthood, with Steve Martin’s youngest son spinning gleefully with a bucket on his head!

Unlike my little girl, however, if I stop for just a few moments, I know I’ll fall asleep……….once I’ve finished hurling.

Is your life a constant roundabout? How do you replenish?


6 thoughts on “Round and round and round I go

  1. It can feel like a round about. I am taking a week off line to stop that feeling actually. There is always so much you “can” do, but lots of it doesn’t “have” to be done. For me to see this, I need to pull right back, get some perspective and then start again.

    • I so agree. Sometimes it’s too easy to run with the momentum than stop and take stock. Then some things get done but others don’t. I am sure I could learn some new skills from your planning expertise! 🙂

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